This would have needed a lot of diplomacy and skill; maybe even force, and would most probably have taken up much precious time; time that the raiders could have used to their advantage, to get to safety. 4. Obeying the will of the Lord (vers. Verses 1-6. 1 Samuel • Sermon • Submitted ... Transcript. God is all-sufficient; there the heart finds every want supplied, every good thing lodged. David's encouragement. His faithful promises. David could easily have been tempted to try and quell the rebellion by the disgruntled men. 1 Samuel 29-30 The Bible Teaching Commentary. It is a solemn thought, but it is a glorious one, that wicked men and wicked spirits, that hell with its legions as well as heaven with its glorious hosts, are doing every hour Jehovah's work. a. On the third day David and his men arrived in Ziklag, and the Amalekites had raided the Negev, attacked Ziklag, and burned it down. IT IS CROWNED WITH COMPLETE SUCCESS. Repressing fear and unbelief. David’s men showed mercy to this Egyptian and he led them straight to the Amalekite camp where a drunken party was in progress. 3. It was like ‘being thrown from the frying-pan into the fire’ and David was greatly distressed at the turn of events! David and his men returned to Ziklag, which was a town located by the Negev. I Samuel 30:10b “….David and four hundred men continued the pursuit.”, As David obeyed, God worked supernaturally. Is there a man here whose chief joy is in the spoil he has taken? 1 Samuel 30:6b says, “But David found strength in the Lord his God”. The Fugitive I Samuel 21-22. 2. 1 Samuel chapter 30 KJV (King James Version) 1 And it came to pass, when David and his men were come to Ziklag on the third day, that the Amalekites had invaded the south, and Ziklag, and smitten Ziklag, and burned it with fire;. "They came," we read, "to the brook Besor," and there they "were so faint that they could not go over." (This is an edited version of a  sermon preached at the People’s Church on Sunday, 22nd January 2017. Ziklag spoiled by the Amalekites. "The free expressions of his goodness and beneficence," the unchangeable assurances of his almighty help in time of need. "Jesus Christ is the same yester... INTRODUCTION If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. 1. True faith and spiritual power have their foundation amidst the "dust and ashes" of self-abasement and self-distrust. In obedience to God’s clear word, David began an exciting rescue mission taking his 600 men with him. "David enquired of the Lord, saying, Shall I pursue this troop? His intimate relationship to his people. But look now at David in a third situation — AT THE CAMP OF THE AMALEKITES. It was a horror story happening right before their eyes and they couldn’t bear the shattering pain. But observe — though these men were God's enemies, He had just before employed them in His work. They were unable to do battle in that condition and David understood that. - 1 Samuel 30 Sermons. Here is this same David, the frightened runaway, calm and fearless, and where? Browse Sermons on 1 Samuel 30:1-8. 1 Samuel 30:1-5.THE AMALEKITES SPOIL ZIKLAG. In this instance it did immediately two things for David. Chapter 30 of first Samuel begins with a bit of drama. (1-2) Ziklag is plundered by the Amalekites. He seeks now counsel of the Lord. "And David said to Abiathar," etc. David took three days to return from Aphek ( 1 Samuel 29:11) to Ziklag.The Amalekites, whom David had previously raided ( 1 Samuel 27:8), took advantage of the Philistines" and David"s absence to retaliate in the Negev and on Ziklag.They plundered both Philistine and Judahite territory ( 1 Samuel 30:16). It must have been peculiarly painful to David to bear the mutiny of his own men, to witness the selfishness of many of them (ver. Three Arrows at Sunrise I Samuel 18-23. Welcome! "I will fear no evil, for thou art with me. Sudden and severe bereavement; wife and children, it may be, taken away with a stroke. 1 Samuel 30:8b says, “Pursue them” He (God) answered. Who has helped you through life’s distressing situations and what gratitude have you shown? He was therefore showing gratitude for helping him in distressing moments. See in it the frequent benefit, of affliction to the people of God. 1. David had arrived right on time to defeat the drunken, partying Amalekites; to save the wives and children, and to carry off a great bounty (vs 16-20). Their destruction was complete or nearly so. “David sent the plunder as an expression of gratitude to those who had assisted him during his flight from Saul” – NIV Study Bible- page 419. They killed none of them, but carried them off as they went on their way. In that vast land, He led them miraculously to an Egyptian slave who had been a part of the raiding party and was now at death’s door (Read 30: 11-15). 1 Samuel 30 - NIV: David and his men reached Ziklag on the third day. David stood with the ‘weary ones’ and gave them an equal share. There is a servant of His to be chastened; they shall be the rod in His hand to chasten him. I concluded my previous sermonsaying it doesn’t matter how fast we run from the truth because the truth will catch up to us one day. In fact, since they would have slowed down David’s pursuit, he  allowed them to stay behind and possibly guard the supplies. ", IV. Note: In contrast to David who sought guidance from God alone, we sadly find in 1 Samuel 28:7, that Saul chose to inquire from a medium (A witch), with disastrous consequences. "The Lord is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me?" In my twenties I had to spend 25 days in hospital due to a serious spinal problem. The last two lines say. he seems to have forgotten all these, and failed to receive the encouragement which they were adapted to impart. Ever feel like giving up? David didn’t realize then that the process by which King Saul’s crown and throne was to be transferred to him was very near! Twice this is mentioned and particularly mentioned. However at the Besor Ravine, 200 of those men stayed behind, while the balance 400 continued on the trail of the raiding Amalekites. Businessmen, diplomats, teachers, missionaries, and others were confined all together in substandard quarters. And let me say that in your journey go heaven, or in setting about any good work on that journey, you must calculate on meeting with both these things, with both discouragements and encouragements. David know this. "When David could not comfort him self in his wives, nor his children, nor his goods, nor in anything under the sun, he could in something above the sun. 5. The threatening of danger; the presence of "the king of terrors" (Job 18:14). But, if we truly love God, we will listen to and obey only His gentle voice; the voice of our Shepherd. III. When good men transgress they must expect to be "chastened of the Lord," and wicked men are sometimes used as a rod for the purpose. He abandons him, leaves him in a field to die. In His people's case, the Lord turns even these bitter things to a blessed account. The falling away of friends; their unreasonable anger and bitter reproaches. Categories David, First Samuel, King, Sovereignty, Suffering, Uncategorized • Tags 1 Samuel 30, Biblical Theology, David the Righteous King, Sermon, Typology Post navigation Previous Sermon: God Has a Plan 1 Samuel 29 'Let all hopeIn thee,' so spake his anthem, 'who have knownThy name'" (Dante, 'Par.' He is not affected by our mutability, our changes do not alter him. The upbraiding of conscience for past sin. It deals with David’s distressing situation at Ziklag and the lessons we can learn). "Hope thou in God" (Psalm 42:5; Psalm 9:10; Psalm 124:8). They had overcome Ziklag and burned it with fire and taken captive the women and all who were in it, both small and great. As we battle distressing situations, it is vitally important that we learn to trust Jesus fully as he is more than able to guide and help us to final victory! It has respect to -. 3. David, we read, smote these Amalekites, smote them from the twilight, of one day even unto the evening of the next. 5. I Samuel 30:10a “For two hundred men were too exhausted….”. He was left almost alone. Chuck Smith :: Sermon Notes for 1 Samuel 30:6 ← Back to Chuck Smith's Bio & Resources "DAVID ENCOURAGED HIMSELF IN THE LORD" Intro. Handout. Relieved I’m sure by God’s intervention, David’s men marched home to Ziklag for three days, hoping most probably to rest and relax with their families. We should have expected him to have done this before in his fear when he fled into the land of the Philistines, or when he followed the army of Achish against Israel, but he did not do it. 1 Samuel 30:8. As in David’s distressing situation, is your trust placed firmly in your Savior in the challenge you are facing? Paul J. Bucknell 1 Samuel 29 Handling Moral Dilemmas | 1 Samuel 30 Handling Difficult Testings 1 Samuel 29-30 Audio Podcast. So, in ‘Loving Others’, let’s strive to a) Stand with the weary and b) Show gratitude to those who have helped us. As the men returned home after overcoming David’s distressing situation, as an act of gratitude, David sent some of the bounty to the elders of Judah who had been good to him and provided for him, during his escape from King Saul. (One can only imagine what dreadful things might have happened to the women and children after the drunken party, if David and his men had not found the camp!!). 1 Samuel 27. ), 2. I Samuel 27-30. As God is all-sufficient to furnish us with all necessaries, so infinite in power, wisdom, goodness to help us against all evils feared or felt" (R. Harris). It caught up with David also when the Amalekites attacked Ziklag, burned it to the ground and took the women and children captive. O what a recompence for them awaits us there! 27.) Recap After fleeing from Saul, David escapes into the Judean wilderness and the territory of Israel’s neighbours. To make matters worse, some of David’s faithful followers were talking of stoning him (vs 6). My name is Palitha Jayasooriya and I am a Pastor from Sri Lanka. 11). It breaks through the storm clouds like a ray of sunshine: “But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God.” It teaches us that Will you do something today to show gratitude to them? Scripture: 1 Samuel 30:1-27. There will always be a right way and a wrong way to handle tragedy. Sermon outline – The Life of David (1 Samuel 30:1-31) Posted on November 24, 2014 by Admin. They had attacked Ziklag and burned it, 2 and had taken captive the women and everyone else in it, both young and old. As David inquired of the Lord, God responded to his trust with a powerful message. 6. In a situation of the utmost distress and danger; with his home burnt, his family in the hands of his enemies, and with six hundred half frantic men around him threatening to take his life. After a brief delay and some untoward events by which faith is still further tested (ver. But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God. No; a man never hesitates or turns back in the path of duty, who is making the Lord his strength. II. Hey there Bible Students, today we’re looking at 1 Samuel chapter 30 summary. 9). He answered — Before God answered more slowly and gradually, 1 Samuel 23:11-12 ; but now he answers speedily, and fully at once, because the business required haste. Instead, He trusted God. But from God’s point of view, this … 1 SAMUEL 30. Feel free to hit the comments button on … 17). A few days after David's own people were about to stone him on the ruins of Ziklag the royal crown was laid at his feet. I said — Where, or when did God say this? And mark — it was the great spoil these Amalekites had taken which so rejoiced them. They were exulting in their spoil at, the very moment when they were about to lose their spoil and their lives together. "He encouraged (strengthened) himself," etc. The object which is sought is providentially discovered (ver. Let us now look at David in another situation — ON HIS WAY TO THE AMALEKITES. "Can you tell us," asks David, "where we may find the Amalekites?" Three days afterwards David's men come up and find him: they kindly give him food and restore him. 1 Samuel 30:1-10. It is not only we who are safe in God's hands if we are his, all that belongs to us is safe there. "When I am weak," said Paul, "then am I strong" - when I feel my utter weakness under the pressure of trial, then I am constrained to depend on the Lord, and become imbued with his strength (2 Corinthians 12:10). This must not reconcile us to sin, but it goes far to quiet the mind when sickened and distressed with the sin, "the wrong and outrage," with which the world is filled. He knew their inability to help this time was only due to sheer exhaustion. But David would have none of it!! As the background to the story in this chapter, David and his band of 600 warriors had been living in a town called Ziklag in Philistine territory, under King Achish (27:1-7). David Destroys the Amalekites. It may be through a call, a visit, a letter, a gift or any novel idea that springs up! The scripture says, 1 Samuel 30:4  “So David and his men wept aloud until they had no strength left to weep”. This is what the Scripture means by acknowledging God in our ways. The lack of wisdom and power to deliver from distress. - D. I. DAVID IN HIS DISTRESS. So does He love His people, that He cannot even smite them without blessing them. II. They killed no one, but carried them off and went their way. What selfishness!! one sick man, a man scarcely alive; and he did all that David wanted. The wickedness of the wicked is mercifully restrained (ver. 4. THE CONTEXT OF 1 SAMUEL 30:1-6. I Samuel 30:26 “When David arrived in Ziklag, he sent some of the plunder to the elders of Judah, who were his friends, saying, “Here is a present for you….”. However, when David and his men returned with their plunder after the victory, some of the men refused to share the bounty with the 200 who had stayed behind (vs 21-22). 2. Ziklag Is Burning! 4. Sermons from I Samuel 30 The End of the Beginning (I Samuel 31 - II Samuel 1) God Unchanging (1 Samuel 15:29) Music For A Madman (I Samuel 16:14-23) The Heart of A Champion (I Samuel 16:1-13) How to Kill a Giant (1 Samuel 17) How To Kill A Giant (I Samuel 17) The Green-Eyed Monster (I Samuel 18-19) Three Arrows at Sunrise (I Samuel 18-23) We find there his heart failing him; and, like a frightened deer, he runs away from Judah into the land of the Philistines. The Strange Case of the Missing Spear I Samuel 26. Despondency led him to flee from difficulty and danger, but faith and hope incited him to go into their midst, and made him "as bold as a lion." At this time in his life, David was living in Ziklag . David says in his heart, "I shall now perish one day by the hand of Saul," and there goes the once bold champion of Israel, timid and crouching, to seek the protection of a heathen king. He can fall down without a blow. 4. "The mistake we make is to look for a source of consolation in ourselves; self-contemplation instead of gazing upon God. We know not the number of these Amalekites, but it is clear that it was great, for these that escaped, ver. A. by -, 1. IT SPRINGS OUT OF CONSCIOUS HELPLESSNESS. There is an hour coming when God will let us see that He has taken good care of all that is ours as well as of us, such care as we had scarcely thought of. How To Behave in a Cave I Samuel 24. The Philistines were preparing to battle King Saul, and David and his men had gone to join with the Philistines . God however, providentially intervened so that they were released from the battle by the Philistine elders, worried that David and his men might betray them (28:4-7). In the exercise of "the same spirit of faith" others "out of weakness were made strong, waxed valiant in fight, turned to flight the armies of the aliens" (Hebrews 11:34). ... Sermon Topics. David from a place of having it all had fallen into a place where everything was lost. Browse Sermons on 1 Samuel 30. We shall see that he met in it with discouragement and also encouragement, a mixture of both. 1. 1 Samuel 30 English Standard Version (ESV) David's Wives Are Captured. The Paperback Bible presents the Bible by the Book and is designed to be portable, readable, and truly personal with ample margins for notations. (1-6) David overtakes the Amalekites. - 1 Samuel 30 Sermons. However, as I was praying, God spoke to me, asking me to leave hospital and to trust Him for healing. To Eli himself, or to his father, when the priesthood was translated from Eleazar’s to Ithamar’s family. Purpose: 1 Samuel shows us what to do when we feel like giving up! Please read and accept our website Terms and Privacy Policy to post a comment. 6. (7-15) He recovers what had been lost. That the latter may be taken trial is sent; it is taken by him whose heart is in the main right with God, and it is never taken in vain. But David encouraged himself in the Lord his God (ver. His great name (see 1 Samuel 1:3). They were a nation condemned by God to be exterminated in consequence of their determined hatred to Him and His people. His past doings on their behalf. They had attacked Ziklag and burned it, and had taken captive the women and everyone else in it, both young and old. 2. But how will this operate on David? What about showing gratitude to God for all He has done? Let’s first look at the 2 points about ‘Loving God’. Today, many years later, by His grace alone, I have still not needed surgery! Faith strengthens the soul by uniting it to God and making it partaker of his strength. When we are restless he remains serene and calm; when we are low, selfish, mean, or dispirited he is still the unalterable I AM. is a place to discuss various issues relating to God and life. Now the Amalekites had raided the Negev and Ziklag. Confidence in God began to revive in David when Ziklag was reduced to ashes. David's affliction restored him also to a holy caution and self-distrust. In 1 Samuel 30:8a we find that “David inquired of the Lord, “Shall I pursue this raiding party? Now when did this happen? They now faced the difficult predicament of having to fight as part of the Philistine army against their own Israeli brothers (28:1-2). 3. He was thereby further strengthened. You will say, "Doubtless when Saul was close behind him ready to take his life;" but no; it was at, a time when it seemed least likely to happen — when David had humbled Saul to the dust by his magnanimity. 2. Doing Things God’s Way – 1 Samuel 30:1-31 (David fights the Amalekites) The Bitter End – 1 Samuel 31:1-13 (Saul takes his life) About That which has been lost is recovered (ver. 1 Outline . Observations: -. “You will certainly overtake them and succeed in the rescue.”. 1 Samuel 30 . It was a severely distressing time for me and eventually, the Doctors told me that surgery was needed on my spine to put things rights. Our sermon ideas on 1 Samuel will help you preach a powerful message on the beginnings of earthly kingship. The book is about how confinement affected the lives of those interned in Shantung Compound, an old church encampment hardly suited for the task, when the Japanese overran China during the Second World War and all western foreigners residing in China were interned there. 7, 8). 3. III. The difference in the effects of calamity upon men (as upon Saul and David) manifests the difference of their character. Let me begin this sermon on God's restora... We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. They had overcome Ziklag and burned it with fire 2 and taken captive the women and all [] who were in it, both small and great. "Hope, said I,Is of the joy to come a sure expectance,The effect of grace Divine and merit preceding.This light from many a star visits my heart;But flow'd to me, the first, from him who sangThe songs of the Supreme; himself supremeAmong his tuneful brethren.
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