So if you’re considering becoming a leading data scientist, then this article is for you! Review : The course was very well organized. The courses that make up this program include R Basics, Visualization, Probability, Inference and Modeling, Productivity Tools, Wrangling, Linear Regression, Machine Learning followed up with a Capstone project to test and try all that you learn in the course. The instructor is just excellent in everything. 1. Overall it’s great value for money! – Handle large amounts of data from various fields and in different formats. Along with maths and computer science, statistics is one of the fundamental academic disciplines invoked by those working on projects involving data science and analytics. Our team of global experts has done extensive research to come up with this list of Best Data Science Courses, Certifications, Tutorial, Degree and Training available Online for 2020. Jokes apart, I honestly think he did a very good job at explaining all concepts particularly the tough mathematical/statistical contents. This is not ideally a beginners course, but aimed at intermediate learners wanting to gain expertise in this domain. This Berkeley Executive Education Program is an eight module program spread across 10 weeks that will help you cover every essential topic of data science. – Become familiar with essential tools for practicing data scientists such as Unix/Linux, git and GitHub, and RStudio. This is one of the best Algorithms online course with the wealth of programming techniques it teaches you. This is a specialized Data science course that consists of multiple Nano degree data science programs and different courses focused on specific subjects. It sometimes requires unnecessary effort. Machine Learning Certification by Stanford University (Coursera), 8. Spread across 9 courses, this immersive program is among the best rated online masters programs available on leading e-learning platform edX. If you are completely new to the subject, this course offers a non-technical grounding covering basic and some advanced principles and techniques that will certainly help anyone trying to get their head around the wider field of data science. – Benefit from experiential sessions that combine theory, real-life case studies and project work to help you gain practical perspectives. Throughout the course if you follow the video, you are sure to get the concept of machine learning. It is a comprehensive course that will help you learn how to use the power of Python for analyzing data, creating beautiful visualizations with powerful machine learning algorithms. Duration: 4 to 6 weeks of study, 2 to 5 hours per week. Right amount of challenging for someone with some Python (or scripting) background to cover some useful Pandas scenarios. On Top of it, specially having perfectly designed templates for various algorithms will make you feel very comfortable. –  Develop skills to be a data-driven leader. I understood most things Kirill taught ( the question is do I remember them? You will be taught by Christopher Brooks, Kevyn Collins-Thompson, Daniel Romero and V. G. Vinod Vydiswaran. – Study whenever and wherever at your own pace with the flexible schedule. Taught by Amarnath Gupta, Director, Advanced Query Processing Lab; Mai Nguyen, Lead for Data Analytics and Ilkay Altintas, Chief Data Science Officer. Completing any of these master’s degree programs, you will be able to become a professional data scientist. They will even assist you during the course and provide solutions related to your queries. – Explore pandas, numpy, perform statistical analysis, and present the extracted information in like a story so that it can be understood by both technical and non technical authorities. – Make reliable statistical inferences from noisy data and use machine learning to learn models for data.
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