Address: 6510 1st Ave N, … The plates can also be used on 2-inch dumbbell bars which is a huge plus.  After all, you’re pulling your bodyweight up and over the bar with every rep.  In fact, you’re typically doing it a lot more, and a lot faster than someone doing a dead-hang pull-up as well. So if you pay attention to the marketing material on r/homegym you would think that its mandatory to have a set of bumper plates. The downside is that the whole process can leave some surface-level aesthetic imperfections in the plates, however, the overall quality is never compromised. The plate comes in pairs of 45, 25 and 10-pound and is made of sturdy rubber with hooked steel inserts that provide exceptional durability. They are well designed and have an incredibly consistent bounce. $825.00. More prone to chipping, however unlikely this may be. t-2 series; t-3 series; x-2 series; x-3 series; titan series; squat stands. Additionally, due to their composition, they are various diameters in size depending on weight. And crumb rubber may be toxic. Crumb vs Regular Black Rubber Bumper Plates Crumb Bumper Plates: Made from recycled Rubber; Can be more durable than regular black; Often Bounce more than regular black rubber plates ; Regular Black Rubber Bumper Plates. Reasonable warranty period, The rubber plates can smell quite a bit Looking for the best bumper plates for your home gym? Even though I was careless and stored them in a humid garage for a lengthy amount of time, the OneFitWonder 160 Lbs Bumper Plates endured and still look and work like brand new. Who Trains With Vulcan Bumper Plates?  This makes them difficult to use for standard olympic lifts such as cleans, snatches and deadlifts, as the starting height of the bar may not be ideal due to the diameter of the plates you may be using. If you have any questions, please contact us and we would be happy to help. Higher bounce does not indicate that the bumper plates will have less of an impact on damaging floors. You've been asking and they're finally here... Wright USA Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates in KG! Crumb rubber bumper plate is the best and preferable choice if you are looking to build a valuable weight set for workout. The ring can be improved, Summary: Easy on the wallet and the floor. They are not as premium as solid plates.  You can’t go wrong with Wright Equipment & Wright Rubber. Low bounce material, The bounce might be too low for some Standard equipment Total Pounds in Set : 160 Weights Included : 2×45,2×25,2×10 Material : Rubber Colors : Black Warranty : 3 Years for Personal Use, 1 year for commerical Durability Info : Go Green manufacturing process gives the bumpers a little more bounce; but they will take more abuse and last twice as long as any other bumper. Solid rubber is one continuous piece of material, not composed of “crumbs” that are “glued” together. These days a great set of bumper plates is almost essential in a well-rounded workout and the Rep Fitness Bumper Plates provide exactly that without breaking your bank. Proven tough, you can perform your olympic lifts, squats, and deadlifts safely and confidently with our tough olympic bumper plates.  They are available in several different weight configurations (as a set) and very cost effective. Price! Extremely durable, color coded and engineered to solve all of the problems generally associated with recycled plates, the Crumb Rubber Bumpers are the next evolution of the bumper plate. Their price point is often better than the price of solid plates, yet they offer just about every one of the same benefits. Crumb bumper plate made of recycled rubber materials. Perhaps the loudest and most obnoxiously functional icon of the functional fitness movement. Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates Reviews (5KG-25KG) 4.9 / 5 • 36 reviews I've seen these things split and chip. Great quality crumb rubber The Alpha Bumper plates have a much lower odor than crumb rubber bumper plates or recycled rubber bumper plates. Good quality design  In a tight home or garage gym, this can be irritating for the first few days or weeks while the smell dissipates.  Our goal is that our equipment be as functional as we are. Price price price – You typically get what you pay for, but you have to decide what your goal is for lifting. They will be oily in the start, you’ll need to keep a wipe. Not that there's anything wrong with what they do though, it … Bumper plates made crumb rubber and recycled rubber have the highest amounts of bounce which can be distracting, performance robbing, and dangerous. The bumpers have been tested for 30000 drops as well so you know you are going to get a great performer. VIRGIN rubber means there is no rubber scent.  Learning how to safely and effectively bail out of missed lifts will not only give you confidence to push your limits, but it will keep you from accidentally trying to catch your weights in an attempt to avoid an earth-destroying drop. Review of Rogue’s Hi Temp bumper plates. Summary: The sturdiest plates that will endure for a long time. The rubber used is already sturdy enough to endure drops but the XMark Hi-Impact Bumper Plates takes it a bit further with their technology. Low profile plates so you can fit more on a bar  Again:  don’t pay for a brand, pay for a product! The rubber material mix creates a dampener effect with quieter sounding bumper plates, with less shock and noise. Crumb Plates: These bumper plates are created with recycled rubber and are often referred to as "crumb plates". This post contatins affliliate links.  Again, we are talking fractions of ounces here. This content is provided 'as is' and is subject to change or removal at any time. This kind of rubber is basically rubber pellets pressed and glued together, like press board wood sheets. They’re designed to allow an athlete to safely drop a loaded Olympic bar from an overhead position (i.e.  So really which one is more functional in the long run? Thus, you’ll be able to find lower tolerances – between 1-2% – even in cheaper brands. Standard plate diameter means every lift that begins from the ground (i.e. From the new artwork that is close to old school and still looks great to exceptional durability, the ROGUE HG 2.0 BUMPER PLATES provides everything you’d want in your bumper plates. The rubber used on the Rep Fitness Colored Bumper Plates also has low bounce, so your bar won’t bunny hop into a mirror. The inner steel ring is highly durable Check. Less bounce equals less shock and less noise. The soft type employs crumb rubber for example, that dramatically improves durability and lifespan. The rubber used on the XMark Go Green Bumper Plates is naturally durable as well so you won’t have to worry about replacing them after a few years of usage either. The crumb rubber bumper plates are the newest and best evolution of bumpers. Some people even believe they are louder than metal plates on a good material like horse stall mats: Additionally, if it’s just you, and you’re not lifting in a high traffic facility, or a multi-family-member household, you may be able to get by with some crumb rubber bumper plates instead for a little bit cheaper. Assassin crumb bumpers are ideal for both home and gym use, they are low impact on both the floor and the bar while also dramatically lower noise when compared to other plate types. With good performance in weightlifting, it became more popular in CrossFit.  Crumb rubber refers to the composition of the plate itself. One of the best things about the ROGUE BUMPER PLATES BY HI-TEMP is that it is made in Alabama, USA. 36 Month Warranty on Vulcan Bumper Plates (25lb, 35lb, 45lb, and 55lb) Durability Info : Our plates have been tested to 30,000 drops from a height of 9 feet without any deformation of the insert or damage to the rubber surface. t-3 series; x-3 series; wallmounts. Those weight plates absorb impact much the same way uncoated metal plates do – with something of a “THUD.” On the other hand, crumb rubber plates tend to bounce higher and offer decent bend. They're considered to be a level higher than most plates.During the drop test phase of QA they determined plates can withstand being dropped around 30,000 tunes. Just like the solid rubber bumper plates above, we have to recommend products based on price and efficacy, rather than on brand. The plates are made for maximum durability and low bounce, this is thanks to its 100% solid rubber construction. Rubber, by its very nature, is tough and durable. SAME SPECS AS THE … Then there are the kipping pull-ups. One great thing about the Vulcan Strength 160LB weight set is that is tested by being dropped 30,000 times from a height of 9 feet. It’s easy to load up a bar quickly with these types of rubber coated plates and get the workout going. english (united states) menu. Total Pounds in Set : 160 Weights Included : 2×45,2×25,2×10 Material : Made of dense, solid rubber with hooked steel inserts for durability. Crumb Rubber technology dissipates the impact giving you 10,000 - 30,000 drops and reducing stress on the lifting bars. Your email address will not be published. The Wright Equipment Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates take the prize. The X Training Equipment Premium Black Bumper Plates is the budget offering on the list. free shipping, no minimum. Colors : Black Warranty : 365 day satisfaction guarantee with FREE returns Durability Info : Whereas most companies only test their bumpers for 15,000 drops, all of our bumpers have been tested for 30,000 drops, even the 10s!  This can be helpful for identifying weights by pound or kg in a pinch, but globo-gym refugees may find a greater appeal to rugged black plates. In this case, we need weights that can handle high repetitions, potentially high impact, and equally as important, offer us the peace of mind that we can ditch/bail with them safely.  They typically are composed of iron or steel, coated by a thin layer of rubber. 0 back racks.  This makes going super heavy a risky endeavor because you’ll naturally want to try and stop them from falling if you miss a lift, which could result in pulled muscles or other serious injury. Comes with a 3-year warranty  It’s hard to miss. They are the best choice for indoor and outdoor usage, especially for outdoor workouts on an even surface. Smell – Although not a hard and fast rule, they typically do not smell as much as solid rubber plates do. The 190 pound set of plates include pairs of 45, 25, 15 and 10-pound plates. Got an opinion on rubber bumper plates? If you are tired of the same old black-colored bumper plates, these are the ones you should look at. Bumper plates allow you to safely drop any load from the waist, chest, or even overhead... Add to Wish list. Constructed with steel inserts that are designed to last. Packaging needs a bit of improvement. Crumb rubber is like 30% wider than virgin rubber, and almost twice as wide as competition bumper plates. On the field tests have shown XM Crumb VIRGIN Rubber Bumpers bounce less than other high-end rubber bumper plates on the market.
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