Hunting Hunting is available on the Upper Delta, Mobile-Tensaw Delta and W. L. Holland Wildlife Management Areas. Watch in 1080p HD. “When it comes to calling, I like to use two different brands of calls. He was only a hundred yards away. “Gadwalls, aka gray ducks, are the most abundant ducks on the delta,” Lovell said. Duck. Redheads coming from our right. 4-Ducks – $179.00 per hunter*. Today’s young hunters just don’t realize that you can’t run up a bank while chasing up all the ducks and expect them to return. People knew who hunted what areas and blinds. Sometimes, the water level changes and makes a straight-line return impossible. The unwritten rule is that on opening day the blind you built is yours. The small flock of redheads swung toward the blind-hidden hunters. What to Hunt. At last, the leader said strongly, “Now! by Mike Thompson | Nov 15, 2018 | Hunting. I keep a pop-up blind that looks like a small island. Be ready.”. “Certain ducks prefer certain foods and places. The largest whitetails in Alabama! With highly pressured ducks, calling them can really be tricky. “Closing the Triangle area behind Ed’s Seafood and out to the Interstate 10 will provide ducks with a sanctuary from hunters. How to Get the Gamey Taste Out of Deer and Other Game. This farm is located in the heart of... 566 Acres : $2,500,000 Upper Delta, Mobile-Tensaw Delta, and W.L. Sign up for our Email List To Receive Exclusive offers! Alabama Duck Hunting Buy,Sell,Trade a 2 767 membres. This is a new group dedicated to buying,selling, and trade for all things waterfowl. Different bays tend to hold certain species. The hunts take place out of blinds over flooded corn and grain fields. Duck hunting is now ‘cool.’ Others credit the introduction of shallow drive mud motors that have taken a lot of the work out of what once was a grueling, difficult sport. It is all public. Location See this tract on an interactive map. Shooting Hours: One-half hour before Sunrise to Sunset. Decoys will be placed in the ponds and our guides will call in the ducks. Some very good advice for ducks hunters who are not familiar with the lower Bay system comes from Captain Yano. Note: At time of printing, federal guidelines were not final. 5 posts • Page 1 of 1. “I don’t mind pulling up into an existing blind and using it, but I still pop up my porta-blind. You couldn’t pick up a cellphone and ring for help. I am a licensed and insured waterfowl hunting guide in South Alabama, South Mississippi, and the Florida Panhandle. To duck hunt the wildlife management areas (WMA), you must have a valid hunting license, federal duck stamp, Alabama duck stamp, Harvest Information Program Certification, management area permit, and management area license. “Years ago, most of the hunters on the delta knew each other,” Lovell recalled. Official 2020 Alabama Hunting & Fishing rules & regulations. Wood ducks prefer the creeks, while gadwalls like the open water. The most important piece of equipment when scouting is a good pair of binoculars. Alabama Resources Alabama DU License Plate. Public Hunting on DU Projects in Alabama Ducks Unlimited works across the country to ensure not only sufficient habitat for waterfowl, but also to ensure waterfowl hunters continue to have the opportunity to pursue their passion. “With that that in mind, always place your gadwalls together and your teal or widgeon in their own groups. Plus, he already knows where to go hunting.”. Call 706-512-0436 or … “If bluebills, use bluebill decoys. … The hunters had made their dark-thirty way to the place where the hunt leader decided would be a good location for an early morning shoot. Filmed with Gopro Hero 3. I am interested in hunting Lake Weiss for ducks. He says, “When we shoot them, we wade out in waders to pick them up. Duck hunting. It is very hit and miss. Book a trip with us today! Get outdoor trends, data, new products, and tips delivered to your inbox. Duck Springs Plantation is a family owned hunting preserve located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains of Northeast Alabama. Conditions at this point look very good for the 2014 Moble bay duck hunting season. At Intercoastal Safaris we believe that the hunting and fishing opportunities on the Gulf Coast are second to none. Lovell had these comments on those new rules. Often, we would call our buddies to see if they were going to that area so as not to butt heads on a hunt. The only rule is there needs to be a realistic sale or trade price posted along with your item. “I try and stay close to the bank when using my pop-up blind. Alducks- Alabama's #1 Duck Hunting Website, Guntersville, AL. Alabama Hunting Reports Welcome to’s state-by-state hunting report page. Watch Queue Queue LEASE A DUCK BLIND: Up to 4 hunts – 50 Ducks $2,100.00 Up to 8 hunts – 100 Ducks $4,100.00 Wary ducks inspect everything before committing to the decoys. How to Get the Gamey Taste Out of Deer and Other Game. While mallard duck hunting tends to be more productive in the northern lakes of Alabama such as Lake Guntersville, Smith lake, and Lake Logan- Martin, the wetlands south of Montgomery tend not to attract the large number of mallards on the move. Many outfitters across the Heart of Dixie have opted to join the fight against the hog invasion by offering their services as hog hunting guides. 346 likes. Then, when they’re in range, I give the command to shoot.”. Holland and Mobile-Tensaw WMA … Located next to thousands of acres of Corp land and close to Sulphur River. Lovell’s thoughts on blinds can help both the novice or veteran hunters. “Despite the heavy pressure, the Mobile-Tensaw Delta will start to thin out as duck hunters experience tough hunting with meager results. Two hundred or three hundred yards is still too close when duck hunting. Recent listings in Alabama of hunting land for sale totaled approximately 300,000 acres acres of hunting land and a combined market value of $784 million. This area is comprised of prime duck habitat. The state has over fifty-one thousand square miles of land and a wide assortment of areas to hunt in. Alabama offers duck hunting and is a popular waterfowl game bird for hunters looking to book guided hunts and trip with outfitters and guides. There is a $50.00 reservation deposit. It’s the little things that make the difference. The photo was taken by Ed Mashburn. The Serra twins know how to knock down the ducks. Many of these projects offer excellent public hunting opportunities. Basically you have too many hunters for too few ducks. If we are looking for puddle ducks—gadwalls, pintails, mottled ducks, and the rare mallard that shows up here—they’ll be up in ponds and creeks in shallow water. To duck hunt the wildlife management areas (WMA), you must have a valid hunting license, federal duck stamp, Alabama duck stamp, Harvest Information Program Certification, management area permit, and management area license. Holland Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) add up to over 90,000 acres of duck habitat. Time seemed to stand still as the hunters made ready to shoot. “Today’s hunting, as in the old days, requires lots of scouting to be successful,” he explained. Book online today! The boom of twelve gauges rang out, and the flock of ducks—a few members fewer but quite a bit wiser—removed themselves from the vicinity of the concealed hunters. Login or register to post your report and use the comment form below for your hunting update. The right setup makes duck hunting on Mobile Bay a lot more fun. Alabama whitetail deer hunting prices, wild turkey hunting and mallard duck hunting fees at Hawkins Ridge Lodge. Tommy Lovell of Mobile is looking forward to his 57th year of hunting ducks on the Mobile-Tensaw Delta. High quality Alabama Duck Hunting inspired framed prints by independent artists and designers from around the world. These ducks have been shot at all along their migration route. The Corps of Engineers, Mobile District welcomes you to the Alabama River Lakes Project. The sun was just starting to peek over the faraway line of the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay. Our whitetail program is based on intense genetic management and optimum nutrition. The Wheeler NWR, located there, consists of 35,000 acres and harbors Alabama's largest concentration of wintering waterfowl. South: The Upper Delta WMA consists of more than 42,000 acres of ponds, sloughs and flooded areas. Here are some of the DU projects in … Some guidelines will differ within areas of the same project. Holland and Mobile-Tensaw WMA … I am about to move out to Alabama from California, and while I will obviously miss this season, I am already planning for next duck season. Hawkins Ridge Lodge offers preserve Mallard Duck hunting. Located in south‐central Alabama, Alabama River Lakes consists of 3 lakes: R.E. If you like fast action in the field there is nothing like watching hundreds of mallards pouring into well manicured duck ponds at daylight. I grew up duck hunting the mobile delta. Tommy Lovell used his more than 55 years of experience to take these fine specimens. Contact Will Herndon of Tutt Land Company to learn more about this land. I won’t have to worry as much about strong north winds creating super-shallow conditions. There’s no question that the sport of duck hunting has seen a great increase in popularity over the last five to 10 years. The hunts take place out of blinds over flooded corn and grain fields. Captain Yano tells us that we should plan on a very early start. Season dates, license info, bag & catch limits and more. “Make sure you’re well prepared,” he says. Looking to buy hunting land in Alabama? Mike Thompson, AKA “Capt. The duck hunting is challenging as hundreds of mallards fly in to flooded corn fields at the break of day. If the bottom is soft mud, I just use the trolling motor on the mudboat to go pick up the ducks and then we go back to our shooting position and get ready for the next flock of ducks.”. Once they turn or bank, I will give them a ‘come-back’ call or a feed call. Hunters must possess a valid hunting license, a WMA license and a free map/permit. This photo was taken by Ed Mashburn. Captain Yano says, “I have a blind in my boat. We have also shot gadwalls, teal, goldeneyes, mallards, ruddy ducks, If a super-strong cold front comes, which can be good for hunting, you’d better have a big enough boat capable of getting across open water safely. While Upper Delta is separated from the other WMAs by Interstate 65, all three areas are essentially contiguous. 2020-2021 ALABAMA WATERFOWL | HUNTING GUIDE SPECIAL TEAL: 6 a day, Shooting Hours: One-half hour before Sunrise to Sunset. Duck hunting. Looking for Alabama State Duck Stamps, we are your source for duck and hunting stamps for all US states, Federal, and Indian Reservation issues. Permits and other WMA information may be downloaded from the Wildlife Management Areas webpage. We have 34 properties for sale listed as duck hunting alabama, from just $84,000. Visit Michael Jaffe Stamps. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. I blame Duck Dynasty on this. It is all public. When I’m targeting gray ducks, I will put three dozen coot decoys together with a half-dozen gray at the top and bottom of my spread.”, Lovell has knuckled under to modern technology and had this to say, “I believe in motion decoys early in the season. “I’ve had flocks of redheads flare off my mallard decoys and go straight to a buddy’s spread of redheads. “It was a close-knit community. This group is not limited to only waterfowl so if you have something feel free to post. Alabama also has an alligator hunting season in the Mobile Delta, southeastern Alabama, Monroe, Wilcox, and Dallas counties. LANDFLIP #234486 The W.L. What they don’t know is that the Duck Dynasty gang is hunting private property, not a public WMA with unlimited amounts of hunters allowed.”, “Blinds were not set as close to each other as the crowded conditions today seem to promote.”. 5 acres +/-$137,900. Craigslist has listings for duck hunting in heavy equipment in the Mobile, AL area. If you throw out a big spread of mallard decoys, the diving ducks don’t like to mix with mallards. This waterfront hunting, timber, and recreational investment near Wilmer is ideal for a homesite, possible development, or just a weekend... $1,135,000. This video is unavailable. Food is abundant down here in the Mobile Bay system, and it appears that the most commonly harvested ducks in our area have had a banner year of producing the next generation of ducks. This was the kind of morning that duck hunters in South Alabama dream about. ... Alabama Hunting Land For Sale Arkansas Hunting Land For Sale Colorado Hunting Land For Sale Florida Hunting Land For Sale Fully guided Coastal duck hunting on the beautiful beaches of Orange Beach Alabama and Perdido Key Florida. MALLARD DUCK HUNTS We are now accepting reservations for duck hunts on any Saturday from October through March. They can’t dive more than half their body deep, so they’ve got to be in shallow water to find food. I use the Commander first and the Gardner if the wooden call starts to stick,” Lovell said. I can remember going out at two am to get a really good blind in Choccalotta bay or Bay Minette Basin. A typical Mobile Bay duck hunting trip starts early. Email us at or call 334-412-3509. Here are the newest, most improved, and up-and-coming hunting ... BrantleyPhoto by Rick Adair 51. Chattokee Lodge is an Alabama Hunting and Fly Fishing Lodge with great deer hunting, dove hunting, duck hunting, quail hunting, turkey hunting and fly fishing. We don’t want to wish bad on anyone, but a few really cold blasts and wintry falling weather temps up north could create a fine duck hunting year down here in the Mobile Delta. Located in south‐central Alabama, Alabama ... You must have a valid Alabama hunting license to hunt on Corps property. Common species include redheads, blue bills, buffleheads, mergansers, canvasbacks, and pintails. It blends well with what’s out there.”, Speaking of boats, Yano says, “I’ve always used a flat-bottom aluminum boat, but this year I bought an 18.6 Excell Mudboat which will put me in shallower water. Grassy shallow water bays, grass-lined creeks and tucked away potholes all hold lots of ducks at various times of the season. We pride ourselves on providing some of the best deer and turkey hunting in the country. Directions Duck Hunting. Don’t set up a spread of decoys within a hundred yards of someone else. Some things make him shake his head in disgust and some things make him smile from ear to ear. LEASE A DUCK BLIND: Up to 4 hunts – 50 Ducks $2,100.00 Up to 8 hunts – 100 Ducks $4,100.00 Up to 12 … Learn these places and you’ll kill more birds.”. We get our best hunting then. Browse photos and search by condition, price, and more. Camouflage clothing is various shades of brown or green or brown and green combined. Selection of decoys is important when it comes to Mobile Bay duck hunting in the marshes. In the area north of Battleship Parkway, west of Alabama Highway 225, south of CSX Railroad tracks and east of the west bank of the Mobile River: Monday through Thursday shooting hours shall be one-half hour before sunrise to 12:00 noon; and, Friday through Sunday shooting hours shall be one-half hour before sunrise to sunset. The Alabama Black Belt is known for producing trophy bucks. Location See this tract on an interactive map. Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries. This year, the state put a couple areas in the Delta either off-limits are restricted the use of gas-powered engines. 4-Ducks – $179.00 per hunter*. Whitetail Deer Hunting Alabama outfitter WebAdmin 2015-05-26T12:02:11-04:00. Holland Waterfowl Management Zone in south Alabama, one new restriction is in place for the current season. The pressure from hunters was much less than now as well, according to Lovell. Every duck you got – you earned! Permits and other WMA information may be downloaded from the Wildlife Management Areas webpage. Of all the ducks just mentioned, gadwalls are the ‘bread and butter” ducks taken most often. Ducks also have superior vision and can see color, which is why hunters must wear clothing that is well camouflaged. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Our deer hunting in Alabama takes place on approximately 6,600 acres and offers our customers some excellent Alabama whitetail deer hunting.. At Dream Lake, the staff at our Alabama hunting lodge works year round to ensure that you experience a quality hunt on your visit.. Framed prints in a range of sizes, styles and frame colors. “However, if we’re after diving ducks—redheads, bluebills (scaup), and mergansers (fish eaters)—they will usually be in open water.”, Serra continues. Facebook-f. Instagram. The remainder of the state: Shooting hours shall be one-half hour before sunrise to sunset each day. The Tennessee River Valley in the northern part of the state is a major wintering area for ducks. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. I should be able to put myself in places I couldn’t hunt before. If you got stuck in the mud, you had to get out on your own. No tunnel hull boats or mud motors back then, hunters used muscle power to get to the ducks. By following a delta veteran like Tommy Lovell’s advice, you too can experience the “good old days.” See you in the marsh! Kevin O'Shea, left, and his son Wesley O'Shea, both of Mobile, had one of the better hunts on the Mobile-Tensaw Delta on opening morning of Alabama's 2012-13 duck season. “I try to restrict my calling, especially if the ducks are coming towards me. This massive complex of waterfowl habitat is known as the Mobile-Tensaw Delta. Duck Hunting! Waterfowl hunting, however, is excellent, especially in the Tennessee River drainage and the Mobile Tensaw Delta. WMS Farm is an incredible turnkey ready to go hunting mecca. “Bob” Woodruff Lake, William “Bill” Dannelly Reservoir, and Claiborne Lake. When I call them to decoys, I’ll highball (that’s a mallard call) and it’s just to get their attention to see our spread of decoys. Best Duck Hunting In Alabama. One is positioned low to the water with the other set higher. “Diving ducks are not vocal ducks; they just sort of chatter. Decoy usage is quite important for delta ducks. Browse our gallery of the property or contact Will Hairston at 334-349-2001 “You have to be dedicated to finding ducks without spooking them and chasing them off. The unwritten rule is that on opening day the blind you built is yours. Located next to thousands of acres of Corp land and close to Sulphur River. No gas engines allowed.” Lovell noted. With Gulf Coast Ducks, you'll enjoy beautiful Orange Beach, as we cruise on Cotton Bayou showcasing local history and native wildlife. That area has held lots of gadwalls in the past and will be missed by hunters. “You’ve got to buy federal and state duck stamps, several boxes of shells at $20 a box, a boat rigged up for hunting, decoys, waders and other protective gear, plus your gun. These areas feature a mix of bottomland hardwood forest, swamps, sloughs, small lakes, and marsh. It cost me $20,000 this year for getting ready for duck hunting; including the new mudboat. The Mobile District administers wildlife management lands on project sites in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi that provide habitat for many kinds of game and no-game wildlife. I can do timber hunts for woodies or bay hunts for gadwalls but I mainly do diver duck hunts on the coast. This was the dream coming true. Moderator: David. Leave this field empty if you’re human: Home; About; FAQ; Contact; Buy Tickets; Menu. Also, I have an I-Pilot trolling motor for my new boat, so I can go red fishing after I’m through hunting for the day.”. duck hunting alabama, ... hunt and fish? Staying hidden from the incoming ducks is always important, but it is crucial when it comes to Mobile Bay duck hunting. Alabama hunting lodge offers various ram hunting and exotic hunting that is fully guided. Les oiseaux migrateurs passent par l'état comme ils se déplacent dans les habitats d'été dans le nord des États-Unis et au Canada pour le delta du Mississi The use of gasoline motor prohibition zone that was in effect for Big Bateau Bay last year has been expanded to include Bay Grass. $40.00 per duck over 4. This large wetland area is home to thousands of annual feathered visitors. Duck Hunters Wanted! Lovell had this advice to improve your odds hunting the delta. Sometimes you had to wait for the tide to come back in before you could get out.”. by Tim The Duckman » Fri Dec 17, 2010 2:46 pm . Starting back in 1960, Lovell has seen the best and worst of times delta duck hunting. When I see the ducks pay attention to the call and to the decoys, I’ll throw in some quacks. Have hunting questions feel free to post them to the group also. Most folks know Captain Yano Serra as a world-class inshore fishing guide, but when the calendar runs through fall and into winter, his thoughts turn to mud-boats, blinds, and boxes of steel-shot shells. All hunting activities at Mobile District projects must conform to Corps of Engineers restrictions, regulations and state laws which vary from project to project. Email us at or call 334-412-3509. Mobile, Mobile County, AL . I grew up duck hunting the mobile delta. The Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Waterfowl Program is dedicated to improving waterfowl habitat and hunting opportunities on public and private lands throughout Alabama. We are asking all passengers over the age of 6 to comply with the mandate and wear a mask while on our duck. Living so close to one of the United States largest deltas, South Alabama waterfowl hunters are truly blessed. From its swamps, marshes, rivers, streams, bayous and other wetlands, along with more than 600 species of fish, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds, there’s no place like it in the world. They’ll be eating roots and seeds. Blinds were not set as close to each other as the crowded conditions today seem to promote. The next move by the conservation department was to make Big Bateau Bay (AKA Big Batty) push pole in only. Almost no duck hunting experience can be complete without the use of a duck call to attract the ducks to your decoy spread. Hunter Report posting is FREE but restricted to registered users and members of These young bucks will have to show how much they really want to hunt by manning push-poles and paddles to get to the ducks. Discuss Alabama duck hunting and more. South: The Upper Delta WMA consists of more than 42,000 acres of ponds, sloughs and flooded areas. Orange Beach, AL 36561 Site by GRO. There is a $50.00 reservation deposit. There are miles of shallow marsh, and it’s hard to keep in mind your location and how to get back to the truck. Dogs are allowed for duck and dove hunting. … The most likely duck spots in Alabama include the Tennessee River basin in north Alabama, the Mobile-Tensaw Delta in south Alabama as well as the Lake Eufaula area and west central Alabama in the Demopolis area and other lakes on the Tombigbee River and Millers Ferry on the Alabama River near Camden. “The Delta can be a dangerous place in strong winds. I use an old wooden Duck Commander call and I also use a Buck Gardner acrylic call. Find duck properties for sale at the best price This allows him to deploy his spread of 30 to 50 decoys in the right location and arrangement, and it also allows him to get position first in the best spots. Beautifully handmade for you out of the finest materials and archival quality papers. He leaves at 3:00 a.m. on hunting trips because he wants to be in his previously selected hunting spot a couple of hours early. For the Mobile-Tensaw Delta/W.L. Small game species such as doves, rabbits, and squirrels round out the outstanding hunting opportunities in Alabama. Hunters must possess a valid hunting license, a WMA license and a free map/permit. Through his print, radio and personal appearances, he has entertained coastal sportsmen for decades. Bobwhite quail hunting was once a staple of hunting in Alabama and across the South, but habitat changes have significantly reduced quail populations, so most quail hunting now takes place on commercial preserves. This once in a lifetime property has it all with a new furnished modern lodge, timber, fishing lakes, duck impoundment, equipment, and an incredible well managed deer herd with 200 plus inch genetics. Many people place the blame on the reality TV show, Duck Dynasty. Directions Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but to my knowledge there is no “Alabama Hunting” subreddit so here goes nothing.
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