An alcoholic is someone who cannot quit drinking, even though they know they are causing damage to themselves and those around them. Tiger checks out of rehab in Mississippi, even though people claim to have spotted him everywhere from Manhattan to the Bahamas. 6. Starting from sensation as our basis, causality could never give us this, even though it be allowed that sensation is impersonal to the extent of being independent of our volition. The condition is harmless, even though it is distressing for parents or caregivers. L.Ron Hubbard believed that people are influenced by early experiences, even though we don't consciously remember those experiences. Should the second clause in a sentence begin with “although” or “even though”, then there is no need for a comma. If the person refuses to do something you like to do, even though you have done your fair share of things he or she likes, you may want to reconsider hanging out and being friends with him or her in the future. Choose the right color: Even though this blush is incredibly wearable it will look best, and most flattering, if you choose the right shade for your skin tone. In other words, if the teenager fails to make a payment the responsibility legally falls onto the parents, even though they did not make purchases on the cards. Lucas was very impressed by the young actor's talents and asked Ford to come and read for the part of Han Solo, even though he originally had Kurt Russell, Christopher Walken and Nick Nolte in mind for the part. It's important to remember that even though outdoor fabrics are designed to withstand the elements, they can get damaged and degraded. They are sincerely devout in religion, and feel an awe regarding "the holy Brahmans," holding the life and the person of a Brahman sacred, even though he be a criminal of the deepest dye. We may therefore assume that, in acts of public worship at any rate, prayer and its magico-religious congeners are at all stages resorted to as a "means of grace," even though such grace do not constitute the expressed object of petition. The Imari ware, even though its thick biscuit and generally ungraceful shapes be omitted from the account, shows no enamels that can rival the exquisitely soft, broken tints of the famille rose; and the Kakiemon porcelain, for all its rich though chaste contrasts, lacks the delicate transmitted tints of the shell-like kwan-yao. He was forced to attend classes to appear with the troupe and even though he wasn't enthusiastic about these studies at the time, they were instrumental in helping him achieve his breakthrough role. I looked the ground over, and made up my mind that there were several other excellent people there, with honest opinions of the right, even though they differed from me. He would love to play football even if nobody showed up, Even if it means protecting people from their own stupid mistakes. If the first clause in the sentence begins with “although” or “even though”, then you must use a comma. Every day she assured him of her love, even though he gave no indication that he heard. I spend less time waiting for Excel to do a recalculation of my formulas today than I did on my 386 in the 1990s, even though my spreadsheets are thousands of times more complex. Seat belts are necessary even if your car is equipped with airbags. This is why most people opt for infrared goggles, because even though they don't work quite as well as the expensive electronic goggles, they do work. And even though Tetris has gone through several incarnations, the original formula still stands out as the best and by far the most addictive. So even though organic baby food may cost an average of 30 percent more than non-organic varieties, parents obviously feel that the extra cost is worth it. That the area of a parallelogram is equal to the area of a rectangle on the same base and between the same parallels, or that the volume of a cone is one-third that of a cylinder on the same base and of the same height, may be established by a proof which is admitted to be rigorous, or be accepted in good faith without proof, and yet fail to be a matter of conviction, even though there may be a clear conception of the relative lengths of the diagonal and the side of a square or of the relative contents of two vessels of different shapes. Similarly forms of thinking, the law of contradiction not excepted, have their meaning only in reference to determinate content, even though distributively all determinate contents are dispensable. ("But" should only be used in the middle of a sentence.) … The history of eyeglasses is a very long one, even though it is sometimes muddled when historians cannot pinpoint exactly when an invention or improvement actually came about. That's how I found out you really did love Gabe, even though you um …" "Crushed his will to live," Toby finished. Engelhardt (Les Protectorats anciens et modernes) and other writers on the subject have collected a large number of instances in antiquity in,which a true protectorate existed, even though the name was not used.
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