deactivated-5c1d15b8899b0. 0. Free shipping . There are no indications of that at all. Home » Comic Book Forums » Comic Book 'Versus' Forum » Thanos vs Gorr: The God Butcher: Thanos vs Gorr: The God Butcher Started by: ozz81. Thanos with no: HOTU, IG,CC, HOTI etc vs Gorr 1. Combat. Official Superhero Database stats. Gordo solos BEERUS VS. GORR! 7 Results 8 Original Track 9 Next Time on Death Battle It's the fight of two God killers in Death Battle! Thanos kills everyone including the living tribunal , black bolt apparently can kill celestials, Silver surfer beats Ghost rider and Thanos with mjolnir, king Thanos gets beaten up by by younger Thanos. @czarny_samael666: nothing but it dosen't seem like it would affect him, ok i will take TP off for both rounds. Add constructs that take Thor hours to finish fighting, and you've got a big problem for him. 3 months ago. Round 2: All powers at their disposal. Yes, because King Thor unlocked another deeper potential after Gorr came back again, same King Thor was able to prevent Oblivion from consuming the Multiverse. However, after learning they actually existed, Gorr vowed vengeance, as no god ever answered his prayers. Gorr has been shown to take some serious damage from King Thor's cosmic blasts and I'm sure a bloodlusted Thanos can dish out something close to that. idk young thor cut of one of his arms thanos is just stupi with oer e takes on EVERYTHING sept LT thanos is a bitch when it comes to him. However, after learning they actually existed, Gorr vowed vengeance, as no god ever answered his prayers. 616 versions respectively. Gorr the God Butcher vs Kratos is a What-If? Gorr survived their encounter however and would spend the next thousand years butchering more and more gods, growing ever stronger and amassing an army of dark minions to assist him in his crusade. Both use full powers and abilties no BFR 0. Strength . Gorr The God Butcher vs Thanos # not voted What did DanCo got wrong on this fight? In that case, I am closer to say Gorr, until we talk about TI Thanos. Gorr The God Butcher is the main antagonist of the 2013 comic series, Thor: God of Thunder. You need to be logged in to post comments.. Gorr The God Butcher & Galactus vs Thanos. 1 wins (50%) King Thanos Thanos: power stats. Gorr is incredibly strong and can kill Superman even quicker than doomsday did. It was the statements. Gorr the God Butcher was the main antagonist of the comic series,Thor: God of Thunder. A lot has changed since I last responded to this 6 years ago. However, after learning they actually existed, Gorr vowed vengeance, as no god ever answered his prayers. Gorr was once a simple man living on a dying alien planet, constantly wracked by famine, predators and natural disasters. Good argument. Battle options. BEERUS - 0:53 GORR - 3:15 FIGHT BREAKDOWN - 4:50 Today, we've got the God Butcher taking on the God of Destruction! Stricken with grief over the death of his loved ones, Gorr gave up hope and believed there were no gods. Thanos was able to mentally enslave the Fallen one, a herald of Galactus. Can't wait for the final 2 issues on the arc and hopefully they'll finally shed some light on the origin of the black ooze. save. 0. Created by thanatos. Possibly TP, but I'm doubtful of that on Gorr. But that axe is capable of killing Celestials. SHDb; uStats; Intelligence. Thanos should win by TP though Gorr is a lot more powerful. H2H 2. It was strictly universal. The new story is "Future Gorr" not actual Gorr. It is a bit of ABC, but it's ABC that works. 1992 Marvel Masterpieces Spectra Etched Foil Card 2-D Silver Surfer vs Thanos. GTFO. Speed. 14 comments. Gorr got a lot stronger since his appearance in God of Thunder so he should win the first round pretty easily and the second round is iffy. H2H 2. Probably. Follow 11057. This thread is archived. King Thor is an alternate future, just like TOBA Hulk, King Thanos, Venom: The End, etc. He didn't actually. 242. Thor implied that Gorr was threatening all the universes TWICE. Who wins? Who wins? He might have had grandiose ideas, but he didn't go through with them. Gorr is the god butcher for a reason..... he curb stomps this. Battle options . Team DBS vs Old King Thor and Gorr the God Butcher Thread starter Claudio Swiss; Start date Oct 20, 2020; Claudio Swiss Well-Known Member. Thanos vs Gorr: The God Butcher. Forum Posts. There's too much to deal on his end. SP1M is a super-amped version of Supes. 0. Superman is around present Thors level, you can say he’s stronger but it’s not by a super huge gap.
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