If you're paying a little more than, say, you ever imagined you would pay for eye shadow, you can guarantee you'll get more than just good color payoff. The third estate wanted civil liberty above all; political liberty came second only, as a means and guarantee for the former. We really do guarantee every product we sell--you really just have to try it. Tennis courts, a playground, game room and a kids' wading pool guarantee there's never a dull moment. Nor will a "natural" or "organic" label guarantee the efficacy of a product. This is His guarantee –. This is the only way to guarantee a reservation for onboard bluegrass events. Guests can pay for stroller, wheelchair, and scooter rentals when making reservations to guarantee the vehicles will be available. Applicants who plan on utilizing a VA guarantee should apply for their certificate far in advance. When calling, I relied on their guarantee the caller would almost always remain anonymous. An overall "normal" result does not, however, guarantee that the pregnancy will come to term, or that the fetus does not suffer from some other defect. Find more ways to say guarantee, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the … Slowly work iron from scalp to ends, making sure you use firm pressure to guarantee an even grip. While expensive, these tickets guarantee guests an amusement park visit unlike any other. guarantee (n, v): a promise that something will be done or will happen, especially a written promise by a company to repair or change a product that develops a fault within a particular period of time; If a product is guaranteed, the company that … Anything, as far as " constant observation " tells us, might a priori have been the natural cause of anything; and no finite number of " observed " sequences, per se, can guarantee universality and necessity. Define Guarantee Documents. However, there is no guarantee that one will be granted. 1. a formal assurance, esp in writing, that a product, service, etc, will meet certain standards or specifications. Many people search for bank foreclosed homes for sale in the hopes of saving a tremendous amount of money when buying a home, but buying a foreclosed home does not necessarily guarantee significant savings. Even with the best laid plans, you can't guarantee that you won't face a rain-out situation on at least one day of your vacation, plus, you may simply need a day off the rides. Decorating for winter outdoor weddings may have gone smoothly but there is no guarantee the weather will be acceptable. Sure you can change few settings and make them look different to your taste, but I guarantee that the default colors will more than serve you. 151. Although organic requirements are strict there is no guarantee that organic meat is raised more humanely than other types of meat. With the new Xbox, Microsoft can no longer guarantee that a hard drive sits in every one of its consoles. 1879810 Don't deny it. (e) Again, not all dogmatic teachings of the pope are under the guarantee of infallibility; neither his opinions as private instructor, nor his official allocutions, however authoritative they may be, are infallible; it is only his ex cathedra instruction which is guaranteed; this is admitted by everybody. A careful, calculating dynastic policy, which aimed at the establishment of an equilibrium by means of prudent compromises and defensive alliances, was, he rightly judged, the best guarantee for the future safety and glory of Poland. the princess Catherine and guarantee the constitutional liberties of the realm. Its extensive holdings almost guarantee a breakthrough in the genealogical brick wall. More information about obtaining an FHA guarantee for your mobile home purchase can be found on the FHA website. Examples of Guaranteed in a sentence The company guaranteed that they would reimburse all of their clients for the faulty product they had bought. Prussia was wavering, neutral indeed, but joining the other powers in a guarantee of the integrity of Turkey (9th April 1 " Russia cannot aid a power which has abjured its traditions and is under the empire of revolutionary institutions.". 20 examples: I believe that, after all, a democratic basis is the best guarantee for a just… The guarantee list of example sentences with guarantee. The systems of guarantee above described are clearly faulty, since theoretically the railway company which ran no trains at all would, up to the limit of its guarantee, make the largest profits. click for … No parallel display of debating acuteness has ever been seen in the world's history. Appointments are generally not required, though if a longer treatment such as a perm or coloring is necessary, an appointment can guarantee an available stylist without a lengthy wait. They are members of the Direct Marketing Association, and all merchandise is covered by an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. 11. CK 1 1951473 I can't deny that. Such was the situation when the question of a European guarantee of Turkey was raised at the Congress of Vienna. means the Guarantee Agreement and each other guarantee agreement, instrument or other document executed or delivered pursuant to Section 6.10 to guarantee any of the Obligations. Even the great white male privilege didn’t guarantee happiness. Examples of Guarantee in a sentence. He closely monitors Web Statistics and therefore can guarantee you success Please DO NOT SEND .zip attachmentS: they are blocked through our servers. the Cortes had guaranteed, and by 6o,ooo,ooo of debts contracted at a high rate of interest, and with the national guarantee, to meet the expenses of the struggle with the colonies and of the war with the United States. It's important to know that requesting compensation is not a guarantee that you will receive payments. CK 1 2252632 There're no guarantees. Contacts Barrie Pearson is executive chairman of Livingstone Guarantee. The cost of their imported food doubles, and I guarantee you the foreign-owned factory won't double wages as a result. I'll do what I can to get you more frequent updates, but I can't guarantee anything. Guarantee In A Sentence Definition of Guarantee To give an assurance that something will be done right. The guarantee for this activity may be illustrated by a single fact: the combined building operations, in 1908, of San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Spokane and Salt Lake City exceeded the combined building operations of Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Kansas City, Boston, Baltimore and Cincinnati during the same year. He not only re-established the Prussian legation to the Vatican, suppressed since 1874, and omitted from the imperial message to the Reichstag (17th November 1881) all reference to King Humberts visit to Vienna, but took occasion on the n9th of November to refer to Italy as a country tottering on the verge of revolution, and opened in the German semi-official press ~ campaign in favor of an international guarantee for the independence of the papacy. Guarantor : One who guarantees an obligation and has a legal duty to fulfill it. This site does not require a huge initial layout of money and offers the guarantee, so risk is minimal. This will guarantee that you'll blend the variations in graining from the different boxes throughout the entire floor. Examples of best guarantee in a sentence, how to use it. By the treaty of San Stefano, Turkey engaged to Russia to carry out reforms " in the provinces inhabited by the Armenians, and to guarantee their security against the Kurds and Circassians.". 152. The PTFE coated blade is available as anvil or bypass and the tool has 10 year guarantee. We guarantee that if you're not completely satisfied with our … 3 : to give security to guaranteed her against loss. For these unique performances, however, space is extremely limited and guests may be required to obtain complimentary tickets to guarantee their seats. And don't forget the insurance policy of 10,000 salawat alawat ala rasul (durood Shareef) upon one self as a guarantee protection. We cannot guarantee adequate supplies of raw materials. Guaranty is an obsolete form of the word guarantee, it is now mostly used as a noun in financial and legal documents to refer to something that is offered as security that an action will occur.For example, an engagement ring is a guaranty that a marriage will occur. "The Presbyterians, however, now engaged in a plan for restoring the king under their own control, and by the means of a Scottish army, forced on their policy, and on the 27th of May ordered the immediate disbandment of the army, without any guarantee for the payment of arrears. He arranged the collective guarantee of the neutrality of Luxemburg in 1867, negotiated a convention about the " Alabama," which, however, was not ratified, and most wisely refused to take any part in the Cretan troubles. A passenger who pays the lower guarantee rate may only have the lowest of those cabins, but they may also be assigned to the highest category of those cabins, resulting in significant savings. And the education system guarantees just that. Certainly must have the guarantee regarding the point practice, by against is out of practice. You can also find out if there is a section of the ship that is reserved for those who are 18 and older, even if your ship can't guarantee that there will be no children at all on the ship. the membrane is what Gore-Tex promotes as waterproof. Make sure that no matter where you order, that the company provides a money back guarantee. The no guarantee list of example sentences with no guarantee. all-out to guarantee customer satisfaction. Not all embarkation ports are available throughout the year, so if your sailing options are limited it is best to book your cruise early to guarantee your selection.
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