Most fishing is done with monofilament line. How to Catch Lake Trout: 12 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow But when it comes to lighter lures or using a bait rig then it is the spinning setup that really shines. How to catch trout with pictures attractor trolling for lake trout try attractor trolling for lake trout try basic bottom fishing rigs for surf basic lake and pond fishing … Deep water fish are easy to find with the help of sonar and nothing catches more lake trout than a classic fishing set up known as the attractor rig. They are also more suitable for casting light lures a there is a bit more of a whipping action in the rod tip. A rod and reel, and a small selection of lures, bait hooks, bobbers and artificial bait is enough to go fishing just about anywhere you might find trout. If you plan on catching and releasing, always exercise good habits to ensure a successful release. Rod: 10-12 weight if targeting large lake trout and 8-9 weight for average sized lake trout Fishing Rigs & Lures for a Quick Trip. This article may contain affiliate links. First up is your rod setup: We love the Ugly Stik medium action spinning rod and have fished with versions of these for years. With a spinning reel you can throw some very light lures on small weight lines. Look for a 6'6" rod as this gives you a bot more versatility than something as short as 5'6". My favorite setup is a slip sinker rig. For trout fishing I suggest size 8 or 10 gang hooks. ​Braid is not that usable in really small weights as it is so thin that it can bed down into the previous layers of line on your spool. Having such lightweight gear meant the bend in the rod was incredible. In this post, I’m going to be showing you the best Powerbait rig/setup for trout fishing. Monofilament is the line of choice when using such small small tackle. Lake Trout Bait. The wildest part of fishing lake trout this way was the experience. Tie two 3-foot pieces of line to your three-way swivel. Our favorite technique for fishing lake trout is trolling. Then measure 12-18 inches from the hook and attach the 3/0 split shot. If you are new to fishing then you need to know that bait is the lure that you use to attract fish to your line. Gang hooks allow the angler to present a worm in a completely natural manner, and when it comes to catching trout in a lake allows the angler to present Powerbait in a very effective manner. Fishing line that’s two-pound test is thin and breaks easily. Matching the reel to the wrong type of rod will not only make you look silly at the lake, it will severely cripple the fishability of the setup. Lake Ontario Outdoors is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. The kind of rod should be a spinning rod as they perform better in terms of casting when compared to a baitcasting setup. Copyright text 2019 by Tackle Xpert. You can also use a fluorocarbon leader if desired. The most popular fish targeted by shore fishermen are Kamloops rainbow trout (also called “loopers”), steelhead, and Coho salmon. The ultralight is basically what is known as the power rating of the rod and the size of the spinning reel. The selection of bait depends upon the type of fish you plan to target. My setup for BIG lake trout. Live bait is recommended for quantity of fish and diversity in fish species while on a quick lake fishing trip. It is available in both clamp-mount or bracket-mount versions. Another important aspect when targeting lake trout is ensuring that you are properly setup up with the right fishing tackle and equipment for your body of water and fishing technique. You can use this trout rod and reel setup for both fishing with bait and lures. So what is the best fishing setup to catch trout from shore? For trout monofilament is usually the number one choice. One of the most common mistakes to to leave your rod on the ground with the reel in the dirt. Additionally, that size line generally performs better than heavier line on the light-action rods and reels used by trout … Therefore, it is a perfect time right now, to go and fish for these monsters. Fishing Best Fishing Line Setup For Trout. The vast majority of fish I catch from shore are with this setup. That's it ... refer to the picture above, "Trout Fishing Rig #4," to see the completed rig. ​Getting the most out of your trout fishing setup means matching your rod, reel and line to the types of lures you are casting and the kings of waters you will be fishing on most often. Mono has a lot more stretch in it than braid as this can help to act as a shock absorber for small trout when striking. Barb-less hooks make de-hooking much easier and you are less likely to injure a fish. How to properly handle lake trout. The best trout lures are generally small and will imitate what the trout are naturally feeding on. Most people fishing for trout on rivers or streams will be targeting fish that are roughly 3-4 lbs or under. The six-pound test is medium-strong. There you have it. Lake trout can grow to nearly a metre in length and weigh more than 20 kilograms, but they average 38 to 51 centimetres and 4.5 kilograms. As with buying any trout fishing ​setup buying a high quality ​reel is always a better investment in the long run. It is an excellent choice for use on aluminium boats, especially tinnies! It’s adjacent to the Saskat… This consists of a sliding egg or bullet sinker with a floating bait, such as inflated worms or dough bait. That’s a clear, plastic-like string. Of all of your trout fishing gear and tackle make sure to regularly inspect your line so that there is no defects or abrasion marks on it. Sinking Bait Trout Fishing Rig. If you make a purchase after clicking on a link we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. 1. Getting the most out of your trout fishing setup means matching your rod, reel and line to the types of lures you are casting and the kings of waters you will be fishing on most often. Tackle Xpert is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. A heavier rod will feel far to cumbersome and will loose any kind of sensitivity you may have in the rod tip. Most fishing setups for trout will be on a size 2000 reel. This could mean the difference between a delicious trout dinner or going home defeated and empty-handed. For lake trout fishing, a 150-meter line is enough. The best setup for trout fishing is an ultralight to light power rod, with a fast action, paired with an ultralight spinning reel and monofilament line in the 2lb to 6lb range. To make Rig #4: Attach the hook to the fishing line with an improved clinch knot. In only three easy steps, you have now set up an effective way for successful trout fishing. Tackle for trout fishing. Using a rod that is 7' or more in length can become extremely cumbersome as the extra foot or so of rod will be less maneuverable in and around large bushes and bank side trees. a spinning rod needs a spinning reel, a casting rod needs a casting or spin-cast reel, a fly rod needs a fly reel. It’s measured by how easily it breaks. The majority of these fish will be 4 lbs or under so you can size your trout setup correctly when targeting these fish. Nestled in the northern region of Manitoba is a body of water hailed for its multi-species trophy fishery: Lake Athapapuskow. The extra length helps with casting distance but also allows you to get the rod tip up higher and pick up line quicker when you strike. Fishing Line – Depending on the throat you are fishing you may want to use a 5 to 30 lb test line. Fishing for lake trout up north is a different ballgame, as the preferred “cold water” temperature for the lake trout is actually what we call “warm water”, so the fish are at the top of the water column. Scotty Lake Troller – Trout Fishing With Downriggers. All you need to do is: 1. A smaller rod is also better when playing smaller fish as you have a bit more control when using the shorter length. If you don’t have the right setup, you might not catch any trout, because your lure is out of the fish’s strike zone. The Scotty Lake Troller is a small light-weight down-rigger model designed for use on smaller craft. Hey guys/gals, i was wondering if everyone would post their favorite lake trout setup including: rod (length, action, brand, etc…), Reel, line, leader, and lures? ​A good reel needs to be serviced regularly and always make sure that you keep your reel free from grit or sand. Limit the time fish are out of water to less than 30 seconds. It's cheap pretty see through and knots easily. When using bait for trout you will need to use a single hook. Although 4 lbs or under might seem small to a musky or lake trout angler trout particularly wild brown trout pound for pound are very spirited little fish once hooked so you can have quite a bit of fun with them, and they taste pretty good too! ​The best trout spinning rod will have an ultralight power rating. A good all round setup for trout fishing will be an ultralight spinning combo. The entire setup is really simple and all you’re going to need is the right fishing line, a barrel swivel, a bullet weight, a circle hook, and the right Powerbait. There are many species of fish in Lake Superior that you can catch from shore. One of the first big fish I ever caught was a lake trout. A baitcaster needs a certain amount of weight to get the spool up to speed when casting. Natives to most cold water tributaries of the Pacific Ocean, the West Coast is one of the best places to find trout of any size, species, or color. That means fluorocarbon or monofilament fishing line, no heavier than 4- to 6-pound test. You can reliably land fish up to roughly 10 lbs in weight on this kind of tackle but you'll end up having to give them a lot of line before they tire which isn't ideal. This combination is the go to for beginner fishing tackle. Small spinners such as a Rooster tail for trout and Rapala's imitate minnows and other small bait fish that trout absolutely love. Many trout streams have clear water, so you should choose a line that is not easily visible to the trout. For a beginner the huge amount of rod choices is often the most confusing as there are so many different configurations of rod power, action and length. A size #8 or #10 single hook is best when fishing for small trout. ​Spinning reels are most definitely the preferred choice when fishing for trout as a baitcaster is generally only suitable for casting lures over a certain weight. This rig is really easy to set up. That’s precisely how lake trout use structure, confined open space and pinch points in Canadian Shield lakes to funnel, herd and corral schools of pelagic, open-water roaming ciscoes, smelt and shiners. ​The best trout rods will be roughly 6 to 7 feet in length with an ultralight power rating and a fast action. The Best Lake Trout Lures: Lake Trout Fishing 101. Gear. Temperatures might be low, but the fish are hungry after the exhausting spawning time. Behind bass, panfish, and catfish, trout fishing are the 4th most popular fishing in North America.Trout always put up a good fight, are abundant from sea to shining sea, and are pretty tasty when anglers decide to keep them. Basic Fishing Line Setup. Over time sand and dirt will get into the reel housing and damage the gears and the drag washers so always be careful when placing you gear on the ground. You can toss on a bobber if you want but it’s not needed. For a beginner the huge amount of rod choices is often the most confusing as there are so many different configurations of rod power, action and length. A fast action means that the bend in the rod will start to form higher up on the rod blank towards the tip. Failing to do so can end up in a snapped line just as you hook a fish. We advise beginners to go for pre-rigged lines. Whether your fishing spot has native trout or is stocked with the species, be sure to familiarize yourself with trout fishing basics. These smaller reels are designed to use light lines and have a small drag setting on them that is suitable for trout fishing. ​Regardless of whether you choose mono or fluorocarbon line in the 2 to 6 lbs range will be best for small stream trout although on really large rivers you may need to go as high as 8lbs. It also casts much better when used on a spinning reel in smaller breaking strains than braid.
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