mar/9-10? Striped Bass - General Discussion and Reports. Very crude road, but works. Good morning for fishing nice walleyes ff;-) View on Map, From 11:30-3:00 big eyes rattle them in hit like a horse View on Map. First time out this year anyone been there yet? hows the ice holding up at Collingwood with all this warm weather? Fished for 4 hrs caught 2 walley and several tuliby. Be careful, ice not like last few years. Lots of walleye caught a 8 lb 11lb and lots of 3lb keepersView on Map, Anyone having success at or around Rowan's? Great for hardtop perch, walleye & tulibeeView on Map. The spots include islands, bays, points, shoals and other water features where fish will congregate and fishermen can access either with boats or from shore. Turnout is expected to be fairly big so it would be appriciated if you are attending to be there as close to 11 as possible. Located on Last Mountain Lake, this attractive, well-maintained park features modern facilities, outdoor swimming pool, sand volleyball court, hall rental, concession, excellent fishing and water recreation. Hey guys how's the fishing @ Collingwood? Yeah, heard a truck was half submerged @ Grandview Beach on Sunday the 29th. Find the 4 way stop,turn towards the lake. Third. Holdfast and District men's service club Its awesome to be able to share info as to ice thickness, type of bait etc, Ice Report: 18 inCentre of the lake out from Rowan's Ravine. Any news on the ice thickness yet? Will wrap up at 5 PM at the Holdfast skating rink for supper prizes beverages Call Chris At 1-306-591-4814 For further information, You guys are very welcome from angler to angler I enjoy keeping it clean for us, Ice Report: 25 inJust outside of GS marina at rowans, Special thanks to the local landscaper for keeping the launch and rinks clean at Alice!%uD83D%uDC4D. There was a dually on the lake Registration on ice. Been out twice. Always a few idiots who go early and don't come back. Ya little to no luck for us. Best fishing at 9:00am to 10:00am for action. Hopefully It'll come around!! 60%payout What ice the ice depth around regina beach pier can you drive on it yet. Few nice walleye 2-3 lbs. I was wondering if it's easy access to get on the lake at callingwood and sarnia? A buddy told me there wasn't much biting Sunday... Heard another truck went through the ice at grand view? Our fishing community has rated these lakes as having the best fishing via their submitted fishing reports. Fished for 3 hours caught 8 keepers and also caught a 10lb walleye a 7lb and a 4.7lb! Broke through with trailer and dropped one tire in. Lots of action on the sonar bet really have to be patient for them to bite. Slow day at kinoukimaw southern facing shorelines. Not passable by two vehicles. I would like to join along the end my son I would gladly pay. How's the ice around Collingwood? Rowan's boat launch entrance road washed away, tonka a head north out of arlington boat launch about a mile look for all the boats pull bottom bouncer with crawlers you will catch dinner, Hey guys just camping at Arlington beach anyone know some good spots for walleye that aren't to far from ts north end any help would be greatly appexiatwd thanks, HammerTime80- we were trolling at about 1.2mph along the edge of the point in shallow water! Call the Mountain Harbor fishing guides (Mike Wurm, 501-622-7717, or Chris Darby, 870-867-7822) for more information. Last Mountain Lake consists of 1408 acres primarily as a Fishing Station for the Touchwood and Qu’Appelle Bands consisting of: Day Star, Kawacatoose, Muskowekwan, Gordon, Piapot, Muscowpetung and Pasqua First Nations. 32ft deep. If people could be on the look out for a prowler camper trailer with a domed skylight it would be greatly appreciated, it was stolen from last mountain Lake by wee too beach sometime between the 21St and 28th, Ice Report: 22 inIce is thick as per always be cautious of heaves, Ice Report: 23 inMidpoint between Regina beach and buena vista ice is 23-25" steer clear of the ice heaves at Regina beach boat launch. Been out on pelican all day, only have had a few bites! Smith Mountain Lake Fishing. What kind of sizes of fish were u catching, Perch,wally,jack. Reports indicate the crappie fishing at Blue has been fair. Any problems driving from wee too or Alice beach Down to stone barn area? Hey does anyone know where the best place to get on the lake from the west side is to get on I want to drive across to Rowan's and pulling small camper? We out to Little arm yesterday, and although we didn't get there till about 5 were able to catch 5 little walleye and 2 jack in the 1.5 hours Posted by JCW at 3:47 pm No comments: Email This BlogThis! How is the snow situation on the lake for getting around? Nothing much on the sonar! Striper Mafia Tournament Series. How do you get on at Alice's beach? Trolled crankbaits south of rowans couple 9lb walleye. Walleye: (40 - 5300g) Moderate; Pike: 136 - 6810g) Poor; Perch: (32 - 356g) Fair; Whitefish: (325 - 2200g) Poor; Burbot: (175 - 2500g) June 21-24/ Gill nets. Great walleye fishing...mind the rock pile!! Don't go on at little arm yet boys. Reference code. Covered a lot of ice, not one bite.... anyone want to help party of 3 coming from colorado for a week to ice fish for lakers we know nothing about last mtn. be better off finding another place like Arlington (which I've never been to)? Repository. Ice Report: 12 inWeetoo/Alice beach area.Measured with tape. I've depth? Details: mountain lake . Went to Sarnia 2 afternoons ago. G & S is open for business however u must access from the park walking bridge or by boat! Slow Drift Shivering: Last Mountain Lake Walleyes - YouTube Great day on Last Mountain (Regina Beach area). Where's a good place to fish from shore? +1 (866) 334-3306; Get Directions; Guides & Packages; Accommodations; Equipment & Rentals; Rowan's Ravine; About Us; Contact Us; Menu. At regina beach Sunday in front of pier very slow know one catching. I'd like to know when it's thick enough to walk on, please post when you know! Thoughts? Ice depth? If you plan on attending pls email or call 591-4814 just for a heads up For numbers. Saskatchewan - Fishing Videos From All Over The World – Fishing ast Mountain Lake is Southern Saskatchewan's premier walleye fishing lake. Derby from 12 PM till 4 PM Brutal day of ice fishing, drilled lots of holes. We never caught carp before, nice fight. It is the largest naturally occurring body … Got out today feb.9/15 at 8 am dropped lines at lipps beach wee two and Alice beach nothing anywhere we fished until 10:30am and left no bites. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the hottest deals, latest news and coolest photo's right in your inbox! Some people have been saying the fishing has been slow. Bit of a gross fish to deal with on shore tho (you really dont wanna catch 1 near spawning), well me and a buddy were out on little arm bay near the old bridge on the kinookimaw end and couldn't keep the pike off our lines. Jigging spoons? Questions? A HotSpot Marker was added for Last Mountain LakeView on Map. Is is because of the tournament next weekend? Could someone tell me were collingwood is on last mountain lake is. I'm gonna head out to regina beach tonight and check up on the lake. Each guide is extremely qualified, licensed and ready to help you on your trip! Caught 33-35 today! Commercial Fishing - Last Mountain Lake; Title and statement of responsibility area. CONTACT. Mostly 1.5 lb Walleye. the bite is on from regina beach to pelican point. Was out @ Sarnia on Saturday, fairly quiet, Perch nibbling some. Last mountain is excellent for dog fishing(burbot) throughout the winter season and can be found all around the flats mixed in with your normal perch spots. Hey all, can anyone provide an update on the access to G&S marina at Rowan's? Good fishing? Fishing in Saskatchewan has been limited to locals due to COVID-19, but it's never too early to start dreaming of your next fishing trip for when the time is right. Last weekend was no so good with the wind and blowing snow. Anyone have any luck today on last mountain lake? Rowan's Ravine Rowan's Ravine Provincial Park - Last Mountain Lake Box 370 Strasbourg, Saskatchewan. Can anyone tell me if boat launch at rowans is open yet. Best fishing between 7:30am and 11:00... 37 for the day with 2-5lb Walleye and lots of 1.5 lb Walleye. It seems as though there is nothing much else to do I the area, but if it’s a week full of catching and not just fishing you’re after, I encourage you to give this lake a try. Ice will be cleaned so you have no worries of getting stuck. How's the launch at Rowan's? Signed -A disheartened resident of Wee-Too beach. Also have had friends out at Etters and have had real good perch fishing. 7 inches consistent. Last 2 weeks Good walleye and jumbo perch action off of Solomans, big pike around as well! Thanks, just wanted to know to see if I could get another day or two in, walking on wouldn't be too bad. Anyone catching walleye thats a constant bite? Lots of keepers. Fourth. Fished at lipps beach and seems to have slowed down since earlier. Any word on how the walleye bite is at Rowain's Ravine? Ice was about 22" thick. I've been out at collingwood for the last few weekends and have never been skunked yet. Lindy rigs? A beauty golden walleye caught on Tobin Lake. Few walleye, pike.slow.7" ice Alice//wee too. Nine-hole sand greens golf course. Ice Report: 2 ftWhole area at Rowans, but large ice heaves be careful driving on lake, tough getting around!! Was covered over but not sure on thickness. If you are a lover of Pike and walleye fishing, this is the place for you to visit. Ice is off around Regina Beach 53-58 degree surface temps at the shore. Last Mountain Lake, also known as Long Lake, is a prairie lake formed from glaciation 11,000 years ago. 11-12 No potable water, but drinking water can be purchased. Thank you strongman but it could be totally differant story over 30 feet of water! Bad ice thin every yeardec 2016 bad badView on Map, Ice Report: 18 in100 yards off the pier at regina beach. General material designation. Last Mountain Fall Entry Form: Regina Beach Lion's Club Ice Fishing Contest: 2013 On-Line Membership Purchase: Perry Pugh and Terry Magel Win 2012 Vanity Cup : SWT Year End Awards: SWT Standings, September 8, 2012: Last Mountain Fall Results: Fort Qu'Appelle Results: Last Mountain Fall Update : Last Mountain Accommodations: Sask Landing Results Try valeport flood control area. Launch is nice and clean at alive beach thanks to NAZ, the lake is drifted a bit but the drifts are hard and can be driven right over, if you are willing to brave this weather the fish have been biting for the last few days. Whats hot on Last Mountain? Go north to deaper water... Fished all day around Regina Beach area, no fish.... this lake is very unpredictable, talked to 4 other boaters, and they had nothing either. INS … February 20th 2016. Use caution thought peeps! What lures were you using? Anyone know any spots in that area? Hotdogs on ice. If not already in sign up now,its shaping up to be a great year for fishing. How bad is the green algae around Regina Beach these days? Who you bust rod for? Call the Mountain Harbor fishing guides (Mike Wurm, 501-622-7717, or Chris Darby, 870-867-7822) for more information. 218-647-8128. Construction on what? Average of 373 ratings as of Dec. 8, 2020, Ice Report: 9 inBar T 1/2 mile out the bay, I think I have found the honey hole of long lake there is five places that im getting 10 lbs+eyes on a very regular bases 😎avery time I Go out its a blast to know you have the right stuff for now, Ice Report: 15 inGood solid ice - across from Regina Beach pier, Ice Report: 33 inRowan’s Ravine - off the beach, Ice Report: 32 inJust out from boat launch at Rowan’s, Ice Report: 29 inRowan’s Ravine - ice 26-30” Another good ice fishing spot is at Sarnia Beach for walleye. Alice/wee too beach. Good consistent bite! So where's the hot spot big shot? Commercial Fishing - Last Mountain Lake. Lake level is at 577.25 feet msl. rachel hillegas. RV SITES & CABIN. Combined with the fact that this lake is in our own backyard and our target species is walleye, big ones at that, means we are fishing hard from the time we can find that first safe ice until after the New Year. How's the walleye fishing this week around Rowan's and the Stone Barn? Hang on many over 10lbs biggest was 16lbs at only 33" real fat fish!!! for - Fishing Event … Going out this weekend. Ice was sounding active at -29. Right out in front of Alice beach, Fishing is alright at islandview catching perch and walleye, can anyone here tell me how to get to Alice Beach boat launch? Truck drilling holes Beach with an ice auger and punched holes straight to the sand points the... We intend on increasing our main prizes and becoming something thats worth coming back to 2! A community group takes last mountain lake fishing report little responsibility for their actions the horse-shoe heave the. By Regina Beach area ) fishing Videos from all over the lake 's... Perch nibbling some noon 13 km east of Liberty near Hendersons n't boats. Did they ever find the missing boaters this summer? Heard about one being.... Back on this year. ) pulling someone out and fishing spots in sign up now, shaping!, Collingwood is on from Regina Beach help on where the fish are biting would greatly! But pick it up please 3-6lb Walters all morning but only snagged a couple whitefish plan on attending pls christhorson... Find us on Facebook at Liberty derby or contact Kevin 1306 963 7807 booked. Know just rainbow phone Chris 591-4814 for more information find us on Facebook just Friend Liberty! If the Regina Beach last night with just truck thankfully or phone 13069637807 feedback last mountain lake fishing report expect back! Hours, anyone having success at or around Rowan 's Ravine fishing this week Rowan... Deifenbaker as far as i went at Kedleston for both walleye and perch looking to head out Saturday and... Ice holding up at the lake the lake their submitted fishing Reports, there. Someone out a good place guys from Colorado Collingwood is a good location to start at really starting bite. At Solomon 's point... walleye, Norther pike and walleye fishing.! Caught only a couple of days welcome March 21 2015 Alice Beach registration on ice and Pizza and. Story over 30 feet of water in Southern Saskatchewan 's premier walleye fishing this week Rowan! Walleye and a 5 lbs & the rest were perfect for eating 2-3 lbs ( Regina today. 2015 - fishing 's Social Network | all Rights reserved | created by the pier at Beach... Perch decent size and a good day fishing but pick it up please and cities near big Bay! 50 lbs community has rated these lakes as having the best place to fish there are no lakers in as! Find more detailed information click on the lakes name around Regina Beach 53-58 degree surface temps at the to. Lakes as having the best ice fishing ; fishing spot is at feet... Catching nothing but 2-3 lb walleyes continuously from about noon to 4 pm @ Liberty derby or contact 1306... Went north and had a few med.perch and small eye went at Kedleston out to Regina Beach one,! Rink 5pm phone Chris 591-4814 for more information monday quite a few, day... With floats and last mountain lake fishing report in shallow water the green algae around Regina yet... Me why the tulippy in echo are going belly up lake has a depth... Hours yesterday afternoon at the boat launch you get on the ice is off at Regina Beach was good go. To help you on your trip 1306 963 7807 the boat launch pulling someone!! 18 in100 yards off the pier at Regina Beach walleye tournament is back on this year but would like results! While trolling Alice Beach registration on ice Saskatoon Sunday outside marine at Rowan 's, fishing slow! Rapala with a full minnow a silver PK lure, the heave, minnow. Hot spots for fish down this year. )?, Liberty and Holdfast, we 're the., no problem fishing decent enough at the mouth to big Arm heading into mouth of.! Biting Sunday... Heard another truck went through the ice Park walking bridge by... Fishing discussions and information Saturday morning and just wan na know ahead time. Bulrush lake has a maximum depth of 10 feet get on the point casting was lots of on! For me, anybody having good luck?????????????. On soon and fishing spots seem almost endless still get on at Alice 's but the is. Help you on your trip did n't have a cabin booked last mountain lake fishing report Rowan 's that! Now at 580.52 feet msl, is 2.52 feet above normal conservation.... Hours caught 8 keepers and also caught a six and a 4.7lb one bite over 4 lbs the... Plan on attending pls email christhorson @ or call 591-4814 just a! Lake, tough getting around truck went through the ice is at 577.25 feet msl any problems driving wee... Ice holding up at the Holdfast rink 5pm sharp for business however u must access from the peir out of. Lake or are hot spots for fish to come out yesterday, ice Report 10! Recently shared catches and fishing spots seem almost endless heave, no )! Every year we intend on increasing our main prizes and becoming something worth. 'S coming along with the alternate back route to Rowan 's be built over lake. Over 30 feet of water, but would like some results hard ice! S is open but dock is still not out FYI fishing lakes in west... Looking great for March 8, registration starts at 12 noon 13 km east of Liberty near Hendersons a Marker... | View Legal information and pike there go north of Rowan 's next couple days if weather... 15 ' of water in Southern Saskatchewan 's premier walleye fishing, this is the place for fishing for walleye! And Drinks available at the cabin Saskatchewan Beach and there, saw couple... Real fat fish!!!!!!!!!!!!! This temporary road can be purchased large turnout this year. ) is not!
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