You’ll be able to record full-color high-definition images in 720p resolutions as well as have the opportunity to record quick video clips in the same HD resolution. Attention! Download. open your external Borescope by USB otg or type-c and read it the endoscope … Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Dual Lens 4.5" IPS Screen, Teslong NTS300 Inspection Camera 8MM Dia, Industrial Endoscope-Borescope, 720P HD Image, LED Flashlight, 32GB Card, Tempered Glass, 16.4ft Cable at Teslong NTE100I WiFi Otoscope works perfectly with Android 4.4+ and IOS 8.0+ smartphone, just connect in then open the app, no longer need trouble waiting for connection WiFi. Follow the instructions on Page 4 of this manual to change the NTS100 Digital Endoscope User's Manual 100cm Probe Accessories – pick up hock and magnet Video-out cable 150cm USB Data Cable 75cm Color Box Package list:1*TESLONG NTS200 8.2mm-1Meter Product information Technical Details. ), 【What you get】-TESLONG, the professional manufacturer of inspection cameras. It would have been nice to see a full 1080p resolution from this endoscope, but when you’re shrieking things down to this kind of size that just isn’t realistic – yet, anyw… 【3rd USB Endoscope】Breaking through previous fixed focal technology, the upgrade micro inspection camera has made a great progress on auto focus technology, clearly displaying the target image from far to near, 【5.0MP FHD Super Clear Camera】Built-in 5.0 megapixel ultra HD module, showing 2.5x clear effect than common1080p, making every detail of the detection show, such as carbon residue in the engine, rust in the pipe, plaque on the wall, pins on the chip, 【Semi-Rigid 5 meters waterproof cable】Made of excellent semi-rigid waterproof material, tight structure, moisture resistant and durable, combined with 5-meter practical design, please take easy to use in the sewer pipe, plumbing pipe and other places, 【2-in-1 USB/ Micro-USB】Be compatible with the Android phones with OTG function, MacBook, Windows PC(Not Support iPhone!!! ����Mf3���o=��Ew(��� h�8� 4�~3�O�5"��d��j��Sۋ Teslong Endoscope Camera, 0.21" Waterproof Borescope Inspection Camera with Upgraded 4.5" IPS Monitor, 9.8ft Flexible Gooseneck Snake Camera with LED Lights-32GB MicroSD Card-2600mAh Battery-Tool Box: Electronics the endoscope app for android works like an otg view. Free delivery on eligible orders. <> Read honest and … endstream Document Includes User Manual User Manual. endobj Review of the Teslong NTS150RS Handheld Industrial Endoscope Camera. %���� Teslong NTS200 Video Endoscope is a portable inspection tool, which can be used for internal inspection of machinery, or diagnosing issues in tight places like car's engine, wall cavities, and pipes. Teslong Inspection Camera 8MM, Industrial Endoscope-Borescope, 16.4 ft Cable, 6 LED Lights with Dual Lens, 1080P HD Image, 4.5 Inches Display Screen, 32 GB Card, IP67 Waterproof, Tempered Glass: Industrial & Scientific 1 0 obj Notes: Warning! endobj Camera quality is pretty exceptional for this endoscope considering just how small and compact the probe is. Liability is void for any damage caused by not following this manual. endobj This Endoscope is a portable,handheld video endoscope system with a flexible insertion tube. WIFI Endoscope Camera User Manual details for FCC ID 2AHTO-WF200 made by Shenzhen Teslong Technology Limited. Buy Teslong Industrial Endoscope Camera, 0.21" Waterproof Borescope Inspection Camera with Upgraded 4.5" IPS Monitor, 9.8ft Gooseneck Snake Camera with LED Lights-32GB MicroSD Card-2600mAh Battery-ToolBox: Borescopes - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases endoscope camera app an app to connect with endoscope cam or any device like a USB camera or Borescope camera depstech, sewer inspection camera there is many devices that use external cam like inspection camera sewer. Teslong NTS500 Dual Lens Endoscope Review. By continuing to browse the site, You are agree to use cookies. Wi-Fi and USB Endoscope camera is a portable, hand-held, multifunctional inspection camera system equipped with a powerful wireless module which provides stable WiFi connection. Notes: Warning! 4 0 obj It supports 1080p and 4K USB cameras live preview and video recording. Liability is void for any damage caused by not following this manual. The App is use for Teslong HD USB/OTG cameras which connected to Android Phones. Package Contents: An anto focus ensocope ,Accessories(Mirror, Hook, Magnet), User Manual. x��R�N�0}�+�5�tZ(���F�k��&��h���{��ƿ�iA d�>0t��s�d�$H!�D�@��0bJ�����yA^�5U��/?�:±������mvMW ���4�f�9ȳ38ϳO|�q��|��@�n�������o���o*���'��6�l �#���eA�F�f����+_��=�x��z��8���~O��"9����! TESLONG NTS300 V201910-2 Digital Inspection System User Manual OK MODE. Teslong Inspection Camera, 1080P Endoscope Camera MS450 Dual Lens 4.5" IPS Screen, Borescope 1080P HD with 32GB Card, 16.4ft IP67 Waterproof Cable, 6 LED Lights, Partable CASE, 8mm Dia, Play and Plug: Industrial & Scientific NTS500 User Manual . <>/Metadata 991 0 R /Pages 2 0 R /StructTreeRoot 272 0 R /Type/Catalog>> Endoscope Camera Software free download - IP Camera Viewer, Bluetooth Software, Nokia Software Updater, and many more programs Note: Can only be used for Teslong Camera. 3 0 obj <>/MediaBox[ 0 0 297.6 419.6]/Parent 2 0 R /Resources<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI]/XObject<>/ExtGState<>>>/StructParents 0/Tabs/S/Type/Page>> 16.5MB. * How does it work endoscope camera app? Please keep this manual for your Information. 1 x flexible Endoscope 1 x Magnetic Part 1 x Software- and Driver-CD 1 x Manual Technical Details • Length of USB-Cable (USB 1.1): 2 m • swiveling swan neck: 88 cm • resolution: 640 x 480 pixel • picture rate: 30 fps • environmental temperature: 0°C - 45°C • storage temperature: -10°C - 60°C DEU 7 It supports Android 4.4 - Android 9. Easy see in pipes, holes or engines with wireless waterproof boroscopes for Android & iPhone. %PDF-1.6 <>stream M��o�cq�I�N� !Jw�zdGq�� kxĀ�d��O�Ӟ�;r?f���ߵ��]�cVv��J��� �� +�zT�R�T�o'���&���� [�QZ���ñu��;�?�A�q7��\;f��ZonX�W�i��1h"�Eb�04�Ҟ Recommend; 3.9mm World Slimest Diameter Cable Probe Only Compatible with NTS150 NTS300 NTS500. Failure to follow the warnings and instructions may result in electric shock, fire and/or serious injury. Item Weight 2.2 pounds Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No Additional Information. User manual instruction guide for WIFI Endoscope Camera WF200 Shenzhen Teslong Technology Limited. Users can view the videos in Android devices and can capture images (JPG) or videos (MP4) in … $.' Setup instructions, pairing guide, and how to reset. Auto Focus 14.5mm diameter semi-rigid cable probe Only Compatible with NTS150 NTS300 NTS500. ",#(7),01444'9=82. TESLONG NTS150 V201903-1 Digital Inspection System User Manual. If using the Endoscope Camera Windows program from Teslong’s web site, you may have to set the video compressor to MJPG, to get 20 fps rates. 2 0 obj Usb Endoscope Camera Software Windows 10 free download - Logitech Webcam Software for Windows 10, Chicony USB 2.0 Camera, PDF Reader for Windows 10, and many more programs Teslong is focusing on manufacturing and exporting industrial endoscope with fast shipping and reliable after-sale service E n g l i s h E n g l i s Product Overview h This new Digital Video Recording Endoscope is a portable, hand-h eld, m ut if nc o al i sp n sy m f r g a 4.5’ IPS HD d i s pl ay w th p ow e rf ul r c ng c b y, u s c n c e
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