Egyptians who converted to Christianity from the first century on used both the ankh and the Christian cross as their signs. Appropriating the ankh as the crux ansata not only helped Egyptian Christians to win converts; it also helped integrate Christianity into Egyptian culture and allowed Egyptians to continue using a beloved sacred symbol even after they converted to Christianity. I urge you to look at the attached picture of the Theban Trinity (consisting of Amun, his consort Mut and their son Khonsu). The ancient Romans used all kinds of crosses of all different shapes to crucify people. Post navigation. I am obsessed with the ancient world and I write about it constantly. Unsurprisingly, the things that this article claims are “undisputed facts” are not, in fact, undisputed facts at all. It is an indisputable fact that Christ asked us to teach believers “to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you”-Matthew 28:20. Furthermore, when cultural borrowing does happen, it is rarely ever as simple of someone looking at an idea in someone else’s culture and deciding to “steal” it wholesale and present it as their own without changing it. I’ve already written a whole article debunking this claim in-depth, which I highly recommend reading. The crux ansata appears in several surviving funerary portraits from late antiquity, suggesting that, like the ankh, it was seen as a symbol that could protect a person’s soul in the afterlife. Sir Francis Bacon, who was Lord High Councillor to King James I, was a Rosicrucian. Maybe so. The early Christians of Rome and elsewhere used the fertility symbol of the fish as a sign of their faith. Modern uses of The Ankh. The lotus flower was another important symbol in pagan Egypt, relating to creation and resurrection because of the way they appear to emerge from water in the … The Ankh is not pagan Christian cross. There is no story in Egyptian mythology about Horus walking on water. At that point, I had a guest come in, so I could not chat with him with the same rapidity. When Does United States History Really Begin? As ridiculous as using an object that was normally used for torture and execution as a sacred symbol may seem, the fact is that early Christians did it. As a cross, it has been extensively used in the symbolism of the Coptic Orthodox Church. Egyptian Djed. Hey spencer,am a big fan all the way from nigeria just wanted to say thanks alot for all the interesting articles you put out,anyways i just wanted to ask how do you get all these information you get for your articles??? #1 Bestselling author of Facts Versus Fiction: The True Story of the Jonathan Years. The Ankh, a cross crowned by an oval, refers to the reconciliation of the opposites (feminine – masculine) and also to the symbol used to designate the planet Venus, a reason that makes it an element of numerous feminine cults.. He lived, died and resurrected as a propitiation for our sins, and there is no way to God EXCEPT through Christ. No, the Black Death Did Not Cause the Renaissance. The article warns: “The original word used in the original Greek Scripture [for the object Jesus was killed on] is staurō, which may mean a pole, or a stake, or the word xylou, which means tree. We must pay close attention to what Scripture says. Djed pillars. It also represents the alchemical union of the male principle (the staff) and the female principle (the closed loop). Adele Nozedar comments on this writing, "Powerf… “Asar” is a bad transliteration of the name of Horus’s father Osiris. So for a while it was meant to represent Jesus, amongst Egyptian Coptic Christians. There are, however, many different variants of the Christian cross and the Latin cross is only one of them. Thus began the introduction of The Trinity and The Cross into Christianity. Furthermore, crucifixion did not even become a common form of execution until the time of the Achaemenid Empire (lasted 550 – 330 BC)—long after the time when the Egyptians first started worshipping Horus. Sometimes people were crucified on simple wooden stakes without crossbars. Many people are attracted to the Egyptian cross Ankh, which is said to represent the creation of life itself. I had heard and read about the true origins of the Cross and earlier this year, I even travelled to Ethiopia to celebrate Meskel, which is a celebration of the discovery of the true Cross in Ethiopian orthodox Christianity. He claims that this interpretation led many Egyptians to convert to Christianity, because they believed that this meant that Christianity was the fulfillment of the ancient Egyptian priests’ predictions. Get this two-piece necklace set at an affordable price. For instance, here is a post by some guy on Medium claiming that Christians must stop using the cross because it is an evil pagan symbol stolen from the Egyptians and it does not represent Jesus. I freely confess that. Modern Coptic crosses , however, are crosses with arms of equal length. If work time and God time clash, a true believer must choose God. Desperate to find a figure in Egyptian religion analogous to Jesus, Massey distorted ancient Egyptian stories about Horus and invented new stories based on weak or non-existent evidence to make Horus seem more like Jesus. First of all, although the idea that religions “steal” or “plagiarize” off one another is widespread in popular discourse, this is an extremely inaccurate and oversimplified way of describing religious borrowing. It is not so hard. I now see that that is a side purpose, and the main purpose was to call the Body of Christ to fidelity with the original Scriptures as they were written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. It is, however, important to note that the people who did the “appropriating” in this case were native Egyptians and the symbol they were adapting came not from someone else’s religion, but rather from the religion that they themselves used to practice, as well as all their ancestors for thousands of years. Religion and the accusation of “stealing” or “plagiarism”. The truth, as I found out in Egypt, is that some of the oldest Crosses in existence are almost a replica of the Egyptian Ankh. The Egyptians never imagined Horus as any kind of itinerant preacher going around from town-to-town physically laying his hands on people to heal them and cast out demons. Previous: Anderson, Victor. That is why I respect Apostle Johnson Suleman. He says, as translated by H. W. and F. G. Fowler: “Men weep, and bewail their lot, and curse Cadmus with many curses for introducing Tau into the family of letters; they say it was his body that tyrants took for a model, his shape that they imitated, when they set up the erections on which men are crucified. ABOVE: The crucifixion of Jesus and suicide of Judas Iscariot depicted on a Roman ivory panel dated to between c. 420 and c. 430 AD. I can see you now getting agitated. Some of the most notable other variants include: Now, as it happens, one particular variant of the cross is literally an ankh: the crux ansata, or “handled cross,” which seems to have first become popular among Coptic-speaking Christians in Egypt in around the fourth century AD. Next: Mabon; Goddess and Gods. Read Galatians 3:13 if you want to know the truth. But my heart is wholly devoted to God. Early Coptic (Egyptian) Christians used the ankh symbol as a staurogram – a representation of the Christian cross itself. Not Bible (translation of Scripture). Some people privately message me and urge me to tread with caution, lest the establishment quietly kills me. Σταυρός [i.e. Where Does the Idea of a “Saint” Come From? (This statement will yield debate. Scripture tells us not to be “be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”-Romans 12:2. The ankh is a hieroglyphic symbol composed of a T-shape with a loop on top that was used in ancient Egypt to represent the consonant sequence Ꜥ-n-ḫ. If I, who has been so blessed by God, cannot risk my life against the establishment for Him, then I am of all men most useless! Bling! Gospeller. He asked me if I was relying on Scripture for the part about Masonry. Certainly not God or His Son.”. It is an undeniable fact that the Ankh predated the Cross. The symbol, while pagan in origin, was adopted by Christians in Egypt from the very beginning. What better way to fulfil the above Scripture than to read Scripture in its original language and “conform” to it? Your email address will not be published. The ankh's association with the afterlife made it an especially potent symbol for the Coptic Christians of Egypt in the 4th century CE who took it as their own. If I am killed doing what I believe He is leading me to do, then that death will be the sweetest death possible and I have no fear in my heart if it has to come. The Cross plays a mystical role in their occult world. I absolutely will condemn them as “stealing” ideas. Deep Thinker. They regarded it as a symbol of Christ’s promise of eternal life through his death and resurrection. Each religion has its own symbols and characteristic signs. In other words, this is less like when white people were native American war bonnets as fashion accessories and more like when native people themselves continue to practice their own ancient rituals even after nominally converting to Christianity. It was a process of religious and cultural syncretism, not “stealing.”, ABOVE: Chart I made showing which Greek and Roman deities were syncretized with each other. In recent years, a claim has arisen that the Christian cross is, in fact, plagiarized off the Egyptian ankh. There are numerous testimonies of what it means metaphorically and literally. Just wanted to say thank you for all the interesting articles on this site. Scholar Jack Tresidder writes of the ankh: While other vestiges of the old religion slipped away, the ankh took on a new role while retaining its old meaning of life and the promise of eternal life. I gave a respected and high profile Nigerian today’s column, before it was published, because he requested it. Just as the symbol of Christianity became the cross, known in several variants, and before it was a fish sign, the ânkh is also a symbol of Egypt's ancient religion. I am a sinner. I further reminded him that in the only Scripture that prophesied the way Christ would die (Deuteronomy 21:23), the word used was the Hebrew word הָעֵ֗ץ (spelt in Roman alphabets as hā-‘êṣ, which is the Hebrew word for tree. This indicates that, by at least as early as the second century AD, many early Christians already believed that Jesus’s cross had been shaped like a Latin cross or at least very similar to a Latin cross. Mindfulness Evolved: Realize the Dream to Awaken Presently, Why Racism has no place in Norse Spirituality, Expand Your Definition of “Sacred Text” If You Want to Make Connections. Image. the ankh has nothing to do with Christianity and the cross has nothing to with Ancient Egypt, seeing as Ancient Egypt did not have crucification at that time period. Nonetheless, evidence from both Christian and non-Christian sources strongly suggests that crosses used for ancient Roman crucifixions were most often composed of an upright pole with a crossbeam near the top and that this is where the shape of the Latin cross comes from.