Discover how and why to join in. n8 has been responsible for the annual Museum Night and various other activities like Nachtgeluiden, Nachtsalon and Edits. These are things that we sort of due naturally, as, “What do I use and how can I use it to get people acquainted with something coming up, like Museum Night.” Facebook, obviously, is a very big and hand tool, we made a landing page where you can pre-order your tickets and get an early-bird discount. And to the right you see the Biblical Museum, they did the Ten Wonders and one of them, obviously, is walking over water, so they did this on the canals of Amsterdam. Imperial War Museum. They are not necessarily sensitive to your topic, neither are they convinced that the visit is going to be fun/useful. If you want to have more information, obviously, ask me. Many museums trying to split the baby between providing greater equity of access and maximizing revenue provide variable pricing—for instance, discounted admissions for locals. It can be onsite, but what will you bring if you are not online? 1 - Free entrance. Explore the best of kid-friendly DC with these museums and attractions that are perfect for the whole family. For many museums, this would look like creating an exhibit which focuses on a particularly weird part of history, or a collection of art which stands out from the rest. Find 10 best children's museums in the USA. WE started talking with them about the Museum Night and we said, “Well, what about Flickr?” All these amateur photographer who take beautiful pictures of Amsterdam, why don’t you show these in your museum and do you have these in your collection, yes or no? We collect information from all the museums, and we make our own section of what we present online. We always organize it ourselves. “What is close by my house.” “What is close by a museum that I already know.” Or, “I like that theme, lets’ see if there’s another museum with the same them.”. How to Attract the Youth to Your Nonprofit Organization We are an online educational media for nonprofits, social entrepreneurs, startups and all types of people with a cause at heart. Beside his work for the n8 he owns a contemporary art gallery: Artpocalypse Collective. It’s the first time I’m going to talk about it outside of Amsterdam actually, or outside of Holland. We had a jury selecting the winners, also important because we thought an open call, it brings in a lot of works, but we first had the idea of letting people vote through social media on the winning design, but having a lot of friends doesn’t necessarily mean that they make good quality, so we had a small group, a jury, who selected the final designs. While this resource addresses audience development, it is important to note that the same processes can be used to attract new volunteers. Museums for kids. Then I would get a band well-known by teens to play and have an art exhibition outside. It’s a smaller venue, only 400 people fit. As the costs of operating have increased in recent years, many art museums have become interested in attracting larger and more diverse audiences. Regional News Indian Sub-Continent Europe, UK & US Asia Pacific. 22 Tracks, for example, is a website where in all different fields of music 22 tracks are selected. Well, an important thing obviously is programming. Museums can certainly offer the authentic. Museums are preparing for the eventual passing of the baton from the baby boom generation, which has long been the lifeblood of giving and boardroom leadership. Many libraries now offer equipment for producing podcasts. One great example of a podcast produced by a museum is A Piece of Work, the result of a partnership between MoMA and podcast powerhouse WNYC Studios. It’s 1:00 on a Saturday night, they are not stupid, they can do other things, but they like to be entertained this way as well. For example, it’s really important to have a big newspaper as a partner, but we always use bloggers and young people to broaden the scope of people we want to reach. Don’t meet too much. They have a great collection of books, but they don’t have enough room. Creative and quirky exhibits work well on both a large scale and a small scale, and they are a great way of appealing to younger audiences. It’s a Friday evening in a museum from 8:00 until midnight. These have to be young artists from the city that people know, but not know from the museum scene, but for example this is a guy who did things in a club, we asked him to make – it was beautiful, what do you call it, sort of (?18:52) projection. The left one is sort of the success story of Anne Frank. We started that already in August, September. A life constantly plugged in is the norm for most of these kids, and institutions need to recognize this changing reality of family life and make sure that their outreach strategy includes a strong social media presence to reach young people with information they are interested in. Which museums, perhaps, have the same theme or museums that are close by, because we think that’s how we, me and the other 18-35 year olds look at museums. People rely on the web to make many decisions in their lives, but when it comes to travel, the internet is an essential tool. These amenities could include spaces for nursing mothers, kid-friendly exhibits and an atmosphere that is inviting to families, rather than clinical or stuffy. We share it on our mobile website. Museums recognise that reaching young people is important. 4 QUT Museums Collaborative, 'Young Children’s Interactive Learning in Museums', ART SPIRT Grant #C10024104, 2000–2003 and L Kelly, G Savage, J Griffin, and S Tonkin, Knowledge Quest: Australian Families Visit Museums, National Museum of Australia and Australian Museum, Canberra/Sydney, 2004. Exhibits that respond to universal, timeless experiences are guaranteed to draw interest. So we always use young photographers, for example, during the Museum Night we let them document everything. These are two examples of programming during the night. Although Smith has since moved out of the country, while he was a member of the Rotary Club of Bondi Junction in Sydney, he and Post, a former Rotary Peace Fellow, discovered that they used similar strategies for attracting and keeping younger members. Takeover Day is when museums, galleries and heritage sites invite young people in to take over jobs normally done by adults. It’s a group of twenty young adults, and they give advice to cultural institutions about programming and communication for young adults. They have also been requested to tackle youth problems by exploring programmes suitable for school children. Amenities geared toward families are worth investing in and promoting to potential visitors. New projects we always want to have mobile applications, new projects everybody who comes into the organization will bring in a new project. Instead of following rigid instructions on where to go, the visitor is given cue words such as “Look up at…” and “Go around this corner and you might see…” along with key concepts to think about while moving through the 170,000 square feet of gallery space. Find out more. These are the five things that are our activities. Our website and all our activities, which is a good thing for us as an organization. The last thing I want to talk about, obviously the thing that we are most well-known for, is the Museum Night. We use bloggers as partners, of course, it is for our main sponsors. Founded by the collective of the Amsterdam museums, n8 thinks about ways to engage a new and young audience with the Amsterdam museums. Cdeasi started working in March. The challenges while organising it, obviously, is the public for us. And another thing we always say is don’t underestimate your public. Those who have a passion for maintaining museums understand that public access to cultural and creative memory is crucial. Many people turn to podcasts to learn something new in a niche subject area. This n8 is in the way, but it’s a temporary exhibition at Central Station. Maintaining a blog (which can also be done using Codex) is another effective way to communicate what makes your institution special and what exciting projects you are working on. This is where we blog. Military might. The good things are a new audience in the museums. We organize some tours in the museums, we let artists have meetings with people in the museum so they really are well aware of what is happening in the museum. This is a great example of a museum leveraging technology that younger audiences already know and love. They are very young, but everybody works very professionally. We propose three scenarios. Are there cultural activities, such as music festivals, that would attract visitors? This is an individual blog post of a girl for example who did research for RFIDA museum. The goal is engaging a new and young audience with the museum of Amsterdam and vice verse. In 1997, the Baltimore Museum of Art had 320,000 visitors annually and charged them all an entry fee; it made admission free in 2006, and today, its annual attendance is just 180,000.” Here are some of their tips to help your club do the same: 1. This is all to get in contact with the 18-35 year old audience. The museum is funded in part by the tech giants of neighbouring Silicon Valley, including Apple, and the new app is appropriately high-tech—but it doesn’t require visitors to look at their phones. Nachtsalon, to the right, we always have participation projects to get the young creatives going as the first. This is one of the smaller events, the Nacht Salon, we organised that two weeks ago at a photography museum in Amsterdam, and it’s more for the people who already know (an ?) References. We also want young adults to get acquainted with museums, obviously. This is where we give tips. To the left, for example, is a small music collective. On the down left side you see photos of the opening. Essay on Museums and Historical Places - Model Answer. If you’re looking for ways to make your business an all-season affair, the first step is to assess the potential year-round activities in your area. Geer did a MA in Cultural Studies and has worked as an event curator at the Van Gogh Museum. So, we’ll see if this will make the museums even more feisty about getting a good program. And for us a way to promote the museum night already. The app uses the museum’s Wi-Fi signals to track movement, making the tour reactive to each visitor’s interests while gently guiding them through the space. We use young artists for the opening performance. We go by the name N8 because that’s what museum night used to be called, N8, which is Dutch means Nacht, and Act, nght. Resources . For Lumière Kwibuka, 18, he has always wanted to visit the museum because his peers among the youth told him about it. But when museums think about attracting more visitors, it's worth keeping in mind that having a standard schedule of open hours means certain groups of people will simply not be able to visit. (Plays video, music – 0:33:20 – 0:35:20) People want authentic. Ideally, this leads to a richer and more memorable visitor experience, and encourages visitors to become museum advocates. Why and how museums could develop their co-creative practice with the public, building on ideas from the performing arts and other non-museum organisations', Clore Leadership Fellow, 2008-2009 R: Articulate, September 2008 - August 2009. And during the night we have this live stream with Twitter, all social media updates are recorded there at the show. It sold out, so it’s always been sold out, the last years. The city offers galleries, theatres and historic pubs, but you don't have to venture far to get back to nature. This is the audience, which you see downstairs down there. We take these young adults on a sort of journey of two years, we said, for now. We see them, they come to us, we go to them, we have to get to know what they have in the museum. The Foundation Museum night, obviously founded because of organizing the Amsterdam Museum night annually. These are three groups that were on Museum Night last year. As you can see, the name n8 was the name that we were known by, but which slowly started changing that into just naming by what it is, Museum Night. This toolkit gives guidance on how to set up and run youth forums in museums and suggests techniques to use to consult young people. You can click individual museums and then you see what they are about. I just finished the annual report yesterday actually. 45 museums is what I said. As they are our future it is important to encourage them to be regular visitors to the museum, to engage with its exhibitions and programs, and also to alert them to the possibilities of being a volunteer. If a family is struggling to pay for essential items, a trip to the museum is not going to be a priority, especially if admission rates are high. Kids In Museums, a UK-based initiative, has created a “manifesto” of other small changes museums can make to benefit families and children, particularly those who haven’t visited museums in the past. I’m going to see if this YouTube video will work. Organize interesting meetings "Museums like the New Britain Museum of American Art strive to make art and programs accessible in hopes of sharing their resources in an enriching and welcoming environment. Museums can now be thought of as “clubs” instead of places; How to increase museum visitation: Pre – Visit – The museum visit starts before a visitor walks into the museum. 21. We came up with Edits. So it’s going to be the first time in English. Now one year later the project is finished, it will run for one more year, or it will hang for one more year, but we won’t add any more new works. Museums are developing what’s known in the business world as a “customer mind-set.” That means taking steps to ensure that from the moment a visitor sets foot into their institutions and until they leave, everything goes off without a hitch. A few years ago we heard that it will take until at least 2017 until this is finished so there were all there building fences around Central Station, and we thought, well, why don’t we use these building fences as a canvas to show something that we would like to see, instead of the blue fences. Use these five museum marketing tips to promote your museum and fill your halls with curious and eager visitors. They say okay, you can do all the communication, you can do all the programming. We make all our contact on our website, but we put everything on our Twitter, facebook, Flickr. We almost – for the smaller events we don’t use any print, we do everything on line over social media. The project was a response to social media objectives designed to reach younger generations and “warm the Tate brand” to tech-savvy Tumblr users. It attracted almost 2,000 people. Young people are already using Tumblr to curate their own personal art collections. In 2007, at 19 major cultural venues of the city, there were more than 80 exhibitions opened to the public, attracting more than 9 million visitors. people were interviewed during the night when reading a book, and they could tell if the book should stay or go. If there is someone with a big bag of money, I think we’ll do it ,but not for now. We asked of every museum, “If you want to participate, the designers need to be completely free when making something.” And then I think it’s great that they did this. For some people they lead to a feeling of anticipation while others picture an hour’s worth of yawns. The 1840s GIF Party caught people’s attention because it was unique and imaginative. In this role her goal is to leverage technology to further the missions of Libraries and Museums globally in attracting visitors, optimizing the visitor experience, supporting research, serving the community, improving operations and exploring emerging opportunities for Libraries and Museums as their role is defined in a continually changing world. So the goal is to get them to know the cities of the museums of Amsterdam. Everybody was free to upload the movies and this one kind of stood out in 2009, and it’s something – I’ll show it first. This is the blog list. So what we did is we made a website for it. Consider partnering with your local library branch to create low- or no-cost access opportunities—many libraries now offer passes for local museums that families are permitted to borrow. Off the beaten track. As museums are functioning more and more like community centers in providing … But when museums think about attracting more visitors, it's worth keeping in mind that having a standard schedule of open hours means certain groups of people will simply not be able to visit. Sarah, me and (Cesai). This is a group of twenty young people who are not working in any way in the museum world, but they are available for museums and cultural institutions in Amsterdam through us to get advice about whatever they do. Geer: Quite an introduction, the best museum night. The Smithsonian Institute museums, all free, had their total attendance decline seven percent from 2012 to 2014, even as the U.S. population increased and tourism to the U.S. boomed. While not all of these strategies might be feasible for your particular institution, it’s worth taking a critical eye to your marketing strategy to look for opportunities you may be missing. It’s an open call for artists and designers to take a look at Amsterdam museums with a fresh eye. They trusted us, gave us carte blanche. For one week prior to Museum Night, we had a 22 Tracks of music that was played by the museum night, or will be played during Museum Night. Many national museums, such as the Tate and Manchester Museum have established schemes targeted a this age group in the form of youth boards … Household Cavalry Museum . These include guides to taking part in our programmes and practical advice on how to make your museum more accessible and family friendly. This same logic applies for attracting new museum visitors too, what worked for museums and cultural institutions previously may not be successful now or in the future. Yes, in many ways. News, tips, and stories from the team at Codex. This is where we make videos. Codex provides online gallery spaces that work well for smaller institutions to showcase some of their holdings. The card is valid for one year at … I’ve worked there now for 2 ½ years, so this year is all about getting the new people well-known with what needs to be organized. 77% of the visitors are between this 18-35 year olds. It needs to be a reflection of Amsterdam residents, so we want everybody from all different kinds of backgrounds, all different kinds of education level. After Hours, which continues on the third Thursday of each month, is an evening of art, socializing, and music designed to attract those supposedly elusive 20-and-30-somethings. So all these blog posts and all these videos show the related museum. I’m going to talk about this individually, very fast. To be able to continually attract new audiences you must strive to keep your museum attractive, interesting and relevant as a social space and community resource. Museums that thrive in the 21st century understand what younger generations need from their cultural institutions. If you want to connect with Gen Y and Z, don't be afraid to create campaigns that are responsive to current trends in technology and pop culture. These are the young adults, obviously between 18-35 year olds. The third project I want to talk about, Edits. Gift vouchers. We look at the broader rings of Amsterdam, but not farther than that. These are 5 ways leading museums use CrowdRiff to attract visitors. Try to involve people in your community who are passionate about history and culture and are willing to share their stories. One of the most popular events at The Royal Ontario Museum is Friday Night Live at the ROM. News, tips, story prompts, inspiration (and more) from the team at Codex. Project highlights have included a 3-day youth festival taking over Derry’s built heritage, a late night event in Ulster Museum attracting more than 800 attendees, an escape room in Mid-Antrim Museum, virtual reality museum spaces, and a range of high quality content reimagining museum collections as 3D printed models, digital designs and films. So that’s it. > The recent economic recession has also affected the budgets of national and local museums. Kids In Museums, a UK-based initiative, has created a “manifesto” of other small changes museums can make to benefit families and children, particularly those who haven’t visited museums in the past. We had booklets until three years ago. Youth Forum self-select to join, and we are in the process of recruiting a new intake to join the existing members. Museums help bring change and development to communities. Museums can communicate directly, people will Twitter and will put a Facebook update of where they are, what they are doing. For us, as an organization – well, innovate. Obviously – yeah, it’s a good ting for us. Let us know what initiatives you have launched to attract younger audiences, and find out how our online galleries can help you reach new visitors. Other News Press Releases Top News Latest News Multimedia. We are an independent organization, which makes us more free to talk with youngsters or young adults on a level that they perhaps feel is more free. It was a totally different audience in the museum than normally. We had (boomerang 19:15) cards designed by young creatives, we had t-shirts designed. Filmed at the MuseumNext conference in Edinburgh. We always start with – it’s very personal, so she talks about losing her concentration after an hour in a museum. Museums build lifelong learners, and while it is important to take in money for the upkeep of the museum, encouraging interest from children is a significant investment for their future and the future of your institution. R: Rethinking Disability Representation in Museums and Galleries, May 2006 - December 2008. It’s an open call, again, for young filmmakers to visualize discovering art and culture during the night. We do get our community active. This week, one of the contributing authors here at, Dana Carlisle Kletchka, brought to my attention a recent column from LA Youth written by 15-year-old Howard Hwang who felt compelled to write about his distaste for visiting museums. Podcasts have been steadily on the rise in the last decade. 26,000 visitors. I took a screenshot of the website, what it looks like then. These institutions preserve vital information about the cultural history of their locales. Sarah just started working in January. Very old school, but still very cool. So the results of the last public survey during the last Museum Night. While most museums won’t have Apple’s help (or capital) to create a cutting-edge app, the lessons from SFMOMA’s app can be applied to any kind of museum tour, whether in the form of an app or a paper brochure. Follow these simple tips to make visiting any museum fun for kids. 6. I want to show you the website. The Tate Britain in London was responsible for one of the cleverest uses of GIFs in the museum space: the 1840s GIF Party. Qualified Saudi youth to be trained by international museums News . Takeover Day. It will run for a year. Livening up special events with real-time social media displays. So until the end of December. Museums might not normally be top of your to-do list when visiting a city with kids, but they can often surprise you. If you are thinking about creating your own podcast, there are many resources online—including this podcasting guide for small museums—that will tell you what you need to produce a high quality show. If it’s possible. Using Tumblr, the museum invited young people to transform selected artworks from the 1840s gallery at the museum into hilarious GIFs. These seven ideas are just a few of the ways you can leverage technology and creativity to make the museum experience more appealing to younger audiences. Most children born after the year 2000 have never experienced a world without access to the internet. These have been asked to increase visitor numbers by organising cultural events. This is a photo of Central Station in Amsterdam. 6) Leave Room For Imagination And Exploration In Your Guided Tours. To attract teens to this, I would have something where they can participate- like at the Tacoma Glass Museum where kids can submit drawings for glass inspirations, only more sophisticated. 2007. The proposed changes (which were suggested by children) include staff training for interacting with kids, a family-friendly cafe, bathrooms that can accommodate a stroller, and water fountains. You don't have to see everything The key here is planning, check out the museum's website … So what does the future hold for us? DC's wealth of hands-on museums and kid-friendly attractions means there are always magical places with interactive exhibits to help capture the attention of even the littlest sightseer. For families with young children, a major deterrent from visiting museums is the idea that many are not family-friendly. Embrace the unknown. The convening brings together teen arts leaders and museum educators to explore the role museums can play in youth development, teen program advocacy, and experimenting in museums. There is no need to look at a screen—just at the art. So, I’ll say again, it is discovering art and culture by night that was the team. in attracting donations from the public. Don’t allow yourself to become victim to the status quo. The project, Scotland 365, will consult young people about NMS’s objects and feature a series of workshops and interactive displays. You see the Nacht Salon at the Van Gogh museum to the left, the left one of the three that was three years ago. museums, ecotourism, travel, themed attractions, performing arts, shopping, exercise, and spectator sports. Through valuable and interesting content based on experience and lots of research we aim to help social causes be more efficient in their efforts. If visitors stray from the path, the app begins to play ambient music, designed not to distract visitors or discourage them from wandering. We’ve also included resources from our partners … People that perhaps aspire to work in a museum, but don’t have this experience yet. What you see, the goal, show the young, creative sector, combined with the museums of Amsterdam and improve the public space. We always ask young designers to make a flyer, to make a poster, or to make the brand for the Nacht Salon. The credit for this, I think, is all to the museums. And we started organizing more things and then we came up with this name N8, as a more umbrella under which we work, and not so much as only the name for the museum night. Geer spoke about N8 at our MuseumNext conference in Edinburgh in May 2011. If your institution does not have the staff or financial resources to produce an independent show, consider collaborating with an existing podcast. Reduce print. From where we stand today it’s... MuseumNext earns commissions from purchases made through some links on this website. You don’t have to make a whole museum dedicated to a quirky concept. The Baltimore Museum of Art used to offer free admission one day a week. We print 30,000 booklets so that everybody on the evening has a booklet.” That reduced the cost for print so much that we could hire a community manager for the rest of the year for three days a week, which is far more effective than 60,000 booklets. This is what we look like on facebook. 56% is new visitors, so that’s always good for us. From climbing walls and various structures and hands-on interactive displays to physically engrossing facilities, there is an abundance of fun to be had for children of all ages. How do we do this? It’s always on the first Saturday of November. So really to get people acquainted with what is in the museum normally. 8 in 10 visitors discovered new museums during Museum Night. So, we sort of are in the luxury position now that it’s not so much about selling out, but it’s about who is buying your tickets.