Guangzhou Airport is a hub for China Southern Airlines, 9 Air, Shenzhen Airlines and Hainan Airlines. Picture as follow (click the pic and enlarge), I will stay at Shenzhen for few days thereafter l will travel from Shenzhen to Guangzhou airport to catch mid night flight time 03:05 am. Fahrgäste (Stand: Mai 2011)[1] auf 236 Kilometer Streckenlänge. Its mileage is the 3rd in China and the 10th in the world. It is about 30-35 minutes from Guangzhou Airport to Downtown, depending on your location. Line no.3 is identified with the orange colour. you can take the shuttle bus from airport to Guangzhou Railways Station then take a taxi to your hotel (save some money ). Please Guide me from which terminal i will exit and enter subway/metro. The new airport opened on August 5, 2004, replacing the 72-year-old previous, identically named Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (now closed). Thank you. hi there, I am not sure your hotel localiton, but I am sure you can take metro from Guangzhou Airport to Canton Tower ,just Line 3 ,get off at Canton Tower,  I know a lot hotel close to the Kecun , Modiesha Metro Station ,just let me know if you want to the hotel whether close to the metro station,I can tell you . Airport South Station (Chinese: 机场南站) is a Metro station on Line 3 (Airport South to Panyu Square) of the Guangzhou Metro. If you would like to do some shopping, have lunch or dinner, you can go to the Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street or the Beijing Lu . There are also direct Airport Express buses to some cities in the Pearl River Delta region, such as Zhuhai and Foshan.However, there is no direct bus to Macau or Hong Kong.. Taxis take about the same time as the metro. Guangzhou Metro is the navigation app that makes travelling by GZMTR transit in Guangzhou simple From the Canton Tower to the Chimelong Safari Park, cheering on the Guangzhou Evergrande Taoboa F.C. The metro project of Guangzhou was launched for the sixth time in 1984 as the Preparation Office of Guangzhou Metro, established back in 1979 as part of the last attempt to resurrect Project Nine, was moved out of the civil air defence system and became a subordinate body of the Construction Commission of Guangzhou, bringing Guangzhou Metro into the scope of urban infrastructure … Generally, prices are between RMB 2 and 7. There are 5 Airport Express lines and 6 Airport Non-stop bus lines connecting the airport and downtown. Opening hours: From 06:30 am to 10:55 pm (Weekdays), from 11:00 am to 10:55 pm (Weekends), several frecuencies. Taking Metro Line 3 at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport and get off at Guangzhou East Railway Station; ticket price is 7 Yuan; time is about 30 minutes. It started operations on 26 April 2018 following the opening of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport 's Terminal 2 . We arrive at 6 am and are from the US. So maybe you will arrive at GZ South Railway Station about 14:30 , you have enough time . Sometimes, some people may stand at the arrival area and ask if you need a taxi. Connection with line no.2 can be done at Jiahewanggang to get to Guangzhou Railway Station, while connection with line no.1 is done at Tiyu Xilu stop to get to Guangzhou East Railway Station. Er dient seit 2004 als Ersatz für den mittlerweile abgebauten Flughafen Guangzhou-Baiyun (alt). Guangzhou Railway Station is a 20-minute drive away, while Baiyun International Airport is 21.1 miles away. Er ist etwa 28 km vom Stadtzentrum entfernt und ersetzt den ehemals im Stadtgebiet liegenden, abgerissenen und überbauten Flughafen Guangzhou-Baiyun (alt). metro is better, because no traffice jam. Massenverkehrsmittel. The internal traffic operation should be more efficient: the connection time between the terminals should not exceed 10 minutes; 4. Taxi from GZ Baiyun Airport to Kaiserdorm Taojin hotel is about 120-130 Yuan What are my options (cost & duration) by taxi, airport pick up service and airport bus? Bitte geben Sie ein anderes Datum ein. Hay 5 maneras de llegar desde Aeropuerto Guangzhou Baiyun (CAN) hasta Dongguan en autobús, metro, tren, taxi, coche o en towncar. On the other hand, metro line no.3 has connection with line no.2 and line no.1. Save. Ouzhuang Metro Station Branch is a 10-minute drive from the popular Yuexiu Park and Guangzhou Sculpture Park, 12-minute drive from Luhu Golf and Country Club. you can take a bus from GZ airport to Heyuan ,but make sure you know the location  in Heyuan ,I think your friend can tell you how to go . Hello there I think the 广州君子兰酒店  Clivia hotel  is close to the Sun Yat-Seb Menorial Hall, Metro Line 2, Exit C, Yes, you can take metro map or tourist map at Guangzhou Airport, Hi! make sure you have enough time. Jes. Hay 4 opciones de transporte de Baiyun International Airport Metro Homestay, Guangzhou a Feria de Cantón. Running on metro line 3, trains run to and from the airport between 6 am - 11 pm. The train is more comfortable. Is there an local private car hire app similar to uber i can use? Please guide. yes,you can take metro from airport Line 3 and transfer to Line 6 at  Yantang Metro Station , About 70 minutes and price is 8 Yuan . Selecciona una de las opciones debajo para ver cómo se llega paso a paso y compara precios de billetes y horarios de viajes con el planificador de viajes Rome2rio Can you let us know the best metro to take to get to these? Hi, I want to take metro from airport to download, Will I be able to pack my suitcases in the metro? Guangzhou Airport Shuttle Bus to Downtown, Travel from Guangzhou Airport to Hong Kong, How to Get to Guangzhou South Railway Station from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, How to Get to Guangzhou (Central) Railway Station from Baiyun Airport, How to Get to Guangzhou East Railway Station from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, May i know is there suficient time for me to collect my ticket before boarding the HS train. There are 5 Airport Express lines and 6 Airport Non-stop lines to round-trip between airport and downtown. Schon mehr als 10 Mal hier gewesen. Airport metro staion ( Line 3)  >> Jiahe wangjiang metro station ( Lin2 2)>> (Line 2)  Gongyuan Qian metro station >> ( Line 6) Beijing Lu metro station  . How early should we return to the airport to catch a flight to the U.S.? Two further stations on the new section are to open later. you need to target some places thatn you want to see and you want to eat . I am Mark, a tourist flying in to Guangzhou Baiyun International on April 20. Take metro Line 3 >> transfer Line 2 at Jiahewang Metro station ,line 2 train just opposit Line 3 train , then transer Line 5 at Guangzhou Railway Station . Any tips for easily buying a ticket to Hong Kong once I get to Guangzhou East Station? U can take the metro to Guangzhou train station areas and check some handbags and clothes wholesale markets .Then go back to the airport by metro as well . Sometimes, some people may stand at the arrival area and ask if you need a taxi. Enlarge the map, Click here. We were thinking of going to one of the parks or the popular island as well as the Canton Tower. about 150-180 minutes, depend on the traffic, and you have to take a metro or taxi to Luohu after you get off at Shenzhen ,so maybe train is more convenient , no traffice jam . so maybe you can have Lunch at GZ South Railway Station . February 1, 2015 60. The train will cease operation by then. Baiyun International Airport is served by the Airport South Station on Line 3 of the Guangzhou Metro (Airport South Station is a metro station on Line 3 of the Guangzhou Metro. how long is trip take time and how much is ticket fare? The Guangzhou metro is excellent and will deliver you to pretty much anywhere you want to go across the city. Die Guangzhou Metro (chinesisch 廣州地鐵 / 广州地铁, Pinyin Guǎngzhōu dìtiě, Jyutping Gwong2zau1 dei6tit3) ist die U-Bahn von Guangzhou, der Hauptstadt der chinesischen Provinz Guangdong. Line no.2 has a single direction: Jiahewanggang – Railway Station – South Railway Station., Your email address will not be published. Can you advise how to go to Shang Xia Jiu from Heyuan? victor Sleeping in Guangzhou Baiyun Airport–Hourly Charge Passenger Lounge–Where to sleep ? Subway . Please note that the trip by metro between terminals is for free. If my hotel is near Canton Tower, on Yizhou road, Can i take the metro Subway? Taking Metro Line 3 at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport and get off at Guangzhou East Railway Station; ticket price is 7 Yuan; time is about 30 minutes. Las ofertas grandes para habitaciones del apartamento Baiyun International Airport Metro Homestay. Most visitors may like to go to the Guangzhou Six Banyan Tree Temple , Western Han Nanyue Royal Tomb Museum , Chen Clan Academy (Chen Jia Ci, Chinese), but all of them close at 5:30 PM. Guangfo Line connects Guangzhou and Foshan and is the first metro line between two cities in the country. 20, 2016 04:18. Die Metro befördert täglich 4,392 Mio. Which station should I transfer from Metro Line 3  if I'm to take metro from the Airport to Zhujiang New Town? September 27, 2019. From Beijing Road to Guangzhou Airport. Could you tell me how to go to Baiyun Airport From Beijing Road? On the branch to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, there are 24 stations and the branch has 6 stations.These two branches meet each other at Tiyu West Road Station. About:Guangzhou Metro . Do you recommend using the train for the day or cabs? We would like to travel from Guangzhou East Railway station to shenzhen (Luohu). Guangzhou metro was fairly simple to use and get around. Can I transit without needing a visa? The last train is 9:30 PM, it is easy to buy ticket,, take a train from Guangzhou to Shenzhen Luohu , every 10 minutes for one train from GZ to Shznehen Luohu, then after custom of Luohu ,take metro from Luohu to Hong Kong, (in case you miss the last through train to HK ),, Hi, there are 4 of us and we arrive in Guangzhou Baiyun Int'l Airport at 12.15am on Oct 19.