To make sure your plant grows fast and healthy, place it around sunlight. The Best Way to Grow a Pothos Ivy Plant 1. If you grow pothos outdoors in semi shade, it will grow much faster. If you’re using a liquid fertilizer, mix the necessary amount of fertilizer and water in a watering can and then pour the solution in the pot, as if you’re watering it. Pothos is also one of the easiest houseplants to grow entirely in water. Merely do the above 6 points right, as well as your Pothos can grow into an appealing focal point in your house. That’s simply because they need a good amount of sunlight to thrive. Manypeople love Arborvitae trees because they tend to make great hedges. The ivy should be kept in peaty, wet dirt during the growing season. Listed below we talk about why Pothos make popular home plants and take a better take a look at each of the 6 methods to expand a Pothos plant faster. When pruning your pothos, cut just below a leaf node. An 8-inch pot can hold as many as 35 cuttings, each of which will grow into a new plant. This plant is an epiphytic aroid and can grow seamlessly in water, unlike other houseplants. But, it might take a little longer indoors with only water to absorb from. Your email address will not be published. Hi, I'm Kevin. Towanda. 3. 1 Answer. It helps to dilute to about half strength so as not to burn the plant. Feed the plant with a balanced fertilizer every 2-3 months. Maintain area temperature level in between 70 ° F– 90 ° F. Don’t overwater– only water when the soil has dried out. Check out my instructable "How to Propagate a Pothos Plant" for all the details of making and rooting cuttings.In that instructable I say to only make cuttings one node, but for this purpose you can cut lengths of 3-4 nodes and remove some of the lower leaves for longer stems. Why Pothos Are Popular House Plants The maintained environment cannot have strong sunlight or no sunshine for a long time. Lv 7. This article contains incorrect information, This article is missing information that I need. English Ivy grown indoors can grow up to 9 feet annually but it will be at least 2 years before any significant growth. Plan a watering schedule for your plants if you want them to look fuller and stay healthy. To encourage quicker growth, take good care of it and make appropriate adjustments before planting and use fertilizer to encourage fast growth. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. and want a Golden Pothos glow from the start, just keep in mind a few simple tips. Also, if you are looking to buy more Pothos (I have many in my home!) Place your plants at well-lit locations around your house where they can enjoy indirect sunlight. It’s important to remember that too much fertilizer can damage the plant. It is grown as a houseplant for its trailing habits and glossy, heart-shaped leaves with yellow or cream streaks. Some of these may be affiliate links, meaning we earn a small commission if items are purchased. Pothos, also known by the names devil’s ivy, silver vine, money plant, etc., is arguably the most popular houseplant of all time. You should be able to grow those just fine through winter as well. The potting soil lacks nutrients. But before you do your next watering session, make sure that the soil has completely dried out. These require minimum care and can easily become the most gorgeous decorative touch to your house. There are a variety of reasons your Pothos may not be growing quick (or in all). Too much water can also have adverse effects on their health. I created Epic Gardening to help teach 10,000,000 people how to grow anything, no matter where they live in the world. Pothos grows well in good indirect light here. Here are 5 care tips that should help you out! Take a watering can to water the plants until some water flows through the drainage holes. A few plants that grow a bit faster would be pothos, bamboo, or ferns. In my experience, snake plants are pretty slow growers compared to other plants.