However, this clearly isn’t ideal. Toggle Fullscreen. The two fans reviewed just above are both masterpieces of full-on stark industrial design, which is our way of saying that they may, in some circles at least, be considered the tiniest bit, well, ugly. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Lasko also proudly points out that the fan gets louder as you turn it up, and apparently this is one of the most popular and best high velocity fans for white noise. The remote controls power, speed, oscillation, the timer, and a nighttime setting that slows the fan down, after three hours. Boasting a compact design, this utility fan takes up little room in cars, work trucks and storage rooms. Lasko Products > Fans > Utility Fans > Max Performance Pivoting Utility Blower Fan. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to It’s preferable to have a unit that can be easily disassembled for cleaning. This will be a different height to what would be required if you were using it while watching TV on your couch in the living room. If you do decide to take on out for a spin, please know that we have done extensive work in determining what high velocity fan is best for various uses and at various price points, and you can take any one of our recommendations with full confidence. See our top picks and guide here! The adjustable height is great, but there are some annoyances to note. When we think of fans, we usually thing of cooling. PHP 1,207.85. Free shipping on selected items. Lasko’s Pro-Performance High-Velocity Pivoting Blower Utility Fan features 3 performance speeds directing air where needed for cooling, ventilating, exhausting and drying. The motor is very powerful and provides a strong gust of breeze. Carry it from project to project—the rugged construction stands up to harsh conditions. The Lasko 2554’s adjustable blades are another major asset that makes this unit the best overall. Tower fans save space and operate quietly. Basically, a high velocity fan is an electric fan that spins at a very high rate, and can move a high volume of air very quickly, giving them abilities and applications that a normal electric fan is not capable of. But this Tornado 24 inch high velocity fan is a great choice for home use as well, and can move enough air to really refresh even the stuffiest closed-up rooms, fully circulate the output of an over-taxed furnace or central air conditioner, fight mold and help with flood damage – really any application where you need a huge amount of air moved through a space. Can this Fan be Used to Dry Floor Finishes? This state-of-the-art tower fan comes with a remote that allows for power on/off, adjusting the fan speed, setting the fan timer, controlling the unit’s built-in fresh air ionizer, and changing the oscillation settings. Stanley has certainly had no problems with slipping quality or slipping reputation, and is still one of the most respected and beloved companies in the world, and their 20 inch high velocity fan is a great example as to why. Factor in the three speeds and the ease of movement (especially with no power cord), and this ends up being both one of the most versatile and one of the most reliable fans we’ve ever used. Home; Home & Tools; Home Appliances; Heating, Cooling & Air Quality; A/Cs & Fans; Fans; Lasko; Item#: 0SS-000D-00169; OUT OF STOCK . Thanks for reading our article – Best High Velocity Fans: 2020 Review – and we hope we can help again in the near future! They are written objectively and with honesty. It also comes with a remote control, and built-in remote-control storage. This tower fan oscillates from left to right and comes with built-in remote-control storage. This is an oversight, especially for a premium unit, and the main reason it’s not in the top 2 fans we reviewed. The dust can then be vacuumed away from inside the fan. Try Portable Fans. Picture waking up in the middle of the night and realizing that you need to turn on the fan. This fan is OK, but some owners have reported that the oscillation stopped working after a short space of time. PHP 1,956.71 shipping. Lasko Pro-Performance U15617 High Velocity Pivoting Utility Fan. In any industrial or professional setting, a high velocity fan is an important and indispensable tool, and even homeowners are always happy to have made what ends up being a surprisingly minor investment, and use their high powered fan all of the time. This tower fan is uniquely designed and combines the form of a pedestal fan with a tower fan. 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Often used in industrial worksites and professional situations, a high velocity fan can also be a great tool around the home. This may be desirable for most people since getting up to turn on your fan every time it is needed can be a real hassle. The benefit of having a fan is that it circulates the air in a room which results in cooling you down or spreading the heat around more evenly. Lasko Portable Fans. A great choice for any house, and our choice for  Best High Velocity Fan for the Home in 2020. The Lasko T48314 tower fan will work in most rooms around the house. Lasko 2554 Wind Curve Tower Fan with Remote Control and Fresh Air Ionizer, $69.99 Used + $24.99 Shipping. There is also a convenient remote control included that turns the fan on or off, controls speed, controls oscillation, and lets you set the fan’s timer. The heavy duty frame includes a handle, 2 caster wheels and an extra-long 8 foot power cord, and will tilt the big fan head a full 360 degrees and lock it into place, allowing this Tornado high velocity fan able to be easily moved and handle pretty much any job. You'll find new or used products in High Velocity Blower/Utility Portable Fans on eBay. SPONSORED. Toggle Fullscreen. $66.79. Twitter. Share - LASKO PRODUCTS U15617 Pro Performance High Velocity. $105.99. Learn How to Find Model Number If you still need assistance, our agents are standing by M-F 8am to 5pm ET. Strong, durable and reliable, and with amazing performance, the Tornado 7680 High Velocity 3 Speed Heavy Duty 24 Inch Drum Fan is our choice for Best High Velocity Fan Overall in 2020. Lasko Products Lasko U15617 High Velocity Pro-Performance Pivoting Utility Fan for Cooling, Sold by jarecio74 an eBay Marketplace seller. This tower fan is also easy to clean since it comes with a filter that keeps the fan blades from getting dirty. It offers three speeds that provide a smooth and consistent breeze to keep you cool while you're hard at work. While this tower fan generally performs well, it tends to produce a weak breeze and is louder than what is expected from a tower fan. It would be preferable to be able to clean the blades with a damp cloth. Pivoting blower head directs the breeze any way you want, making this floor fan a life saver when it’s hot & humid outdoors. The MAX Performance pictured and described. Pivoting blower directs the … And while it may give up a little performance in trade for its elegantly attractive modern design – it is definitely not as much of a powerhouse as others on this list of best high velocity fans for 2020 –  it is still a powerful fan, especially considering its slender tower design.