1st St. 1st St (Port of Lost Angeles) 2nd Anita Dr. 2nd Ave. 2nd Helena Dr. 2nd St. 2nd St (Port of Los Angeles) 3rd Ave. 3rd Helena Dr. Slauson, who died in 1905, organized the Los Angeles County Bank, was a founder and promoter of the Los Angeles & Independence Railroad, the first rail connection between Los Angeles and Santa Monica, and helped organize the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce. Los Angeles Business Journal, Founding Fortunes. Postal Service. Juan Bautista Alvarado, who in 1836 became the first governor to promote public education. The form must be printed, signed and mailed to 500 W. Temple St. Dept. The Los Angeles County Street Naming Committee consists of a chairman, from the Department of Regional Planning, a secretary from the Department of Regional Planning, a member from the Department of Public Works, and a member from the U.S. He created a channel and built a wharf, warehouse, soap and tallow factory, and a blacksmith shop. Los Angeles will make history Saturday when it formally changes the name of Rodeo Road to Obama Boulevard in honor of America’s first African American president. 02-0196), which provided a process for advocates seeking a name change for their community. Advertising Agencies. The Los Angeles County Street Naming Committee provides a deliberative body to recommend street name changes to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors for streets in UNINCORPORATED Los Angeles County. First, you file your petition. Olvera Street: 1858 Among the oldest streets of the city, it was named in honor of Agustin Olvera, one of the commissioners who signed the Treaty of Cahuenga. Private Street Name Change with Public Works: ©2009 Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning. Ord Street: 1890 Originally called High Street, this route off the Plaza was renamed after Lt. E.O.C. All Rights Reserved. 25 miles north of Boston (Farms has since been dropped from its name) was where President William Howard Taft vacationed in 1900. Los Feliz Boulevard: 1888 Named after Rancho Los Feliz, a Spanish land grant issued to Cpl. By 1937, 11 streets in Hollywood were named after the Cole family. He built a block of shops, lawyers’ offices and a saloon at Main and Temple streets, where Los Angeles City Hall stands today. Proposed changes should serve to eliminate ambiguities, duplications, or confusion of any kind, which may be addressed by changing a street name. After the padres lost their power, California experienced its first land boom. From 1834 to 1845, Gov. List of Street Names in Los Angeles County, California, Maps and Street Views. Think Fairfax Avenue, Ventura Boulevard and Avenida Cesar Chavez. Guinn. La Brea Avenue: 1869 Named with the Spanish word for tar, which was found in nearby pits and used for waterproofing the sod roofs of the adobe houses in the Plaza. 3. You may have to submit an application with signatures of property and business owners in the area and pay a fee. At last count there were 953 private and 8,845 public streets in Los Angeles. The problem was that, though early Spaniards interpreted “Charity” to mean “Christian love"--and other streets nearby were named Faith and Hope--to the prosperous residents the suggestion of handouts was too much to take. Street names have changed over the years in Los Angeles. After other residents get a chance to object, a name-change ordinance is drafted and sent to the local City Council member, the council’s Public Works Committee and, finally, the full council for approval. Public health officials in some counties are warning that unless the coronavirus surge can be stopped, hospitals could run out of beds in weeks. Alameda Street; Alondra Boulevard; Arrow Highway; Artesia Boulevard; Atlantic Boulevard (Los Angeles County) Avalon Boulevard; Avenue of the Stars, Century City; Aviation Boulevard Eight million acres were acquired by fewer than 800 men, who created 500 ranchos. The court process of getting a court order after filing a Petition for Change of Name can take up to 3 months. Jose Vicente Feliz, who led the first non-Indian expedition to what became the Pueblo of Los Angeles. And street names are never permanent, they often change in response to history and events. Chandler became publisher of The Times in 1917. Terms under which this service is provided to you. Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering, Land Development and Mapping Division. There is no charge, however, with a public street. California breaks record for hospitalizations. Wilmington Avenue: 1870 Phineas Banning, seeking to improve transportation in the area, bought some land near the ocean, which he called New San Pedro. Los Angeles Street: 1854 Before the first official survey of the area in 1849, most of this thoroughfare was called Calle Principal (Main Street). (1) Website. STREET NAME CHANGE . This list may not reflect recent changes . Main Street: 1849 The community’s first Calle Principal connected the San Gabriel Mission with the San Fernando Valley and many established ranchos. The Jan. 13, 1847, Treaty of Cahuenga, signed by Gen. Andres Pico and Col. John C. Fremont, ended the Mexican-American War in California and declared as part of the United States all land west of the Rocky Mountains, south of Oregon and north of Mexico. Olympic Boulevard: 1929 Named in honor of the upcoming 1932 Olympics. Ord, who conducted the 1849 official survey and drew the first map of Los Angeles, all for a fee of $3,000. The extension of Los Angeles Street in 1886 eliminated the alley and today the site adjoins the Hollywood Freeway. As most Angelenos know, Los Angeles' mammoth Sunset Boulevard changes nomenclature as it reaches downtown. The Committee recommends changes only in those cases in which it has determined that a change should be made. Many of our documents are in PDF format. Astronaut Ellison S. Onizuka Street: 1988 Running diagonally from 1st Street to the corner of 2nd and San Pedro streets in Little Tokyo, it was renamed from Weller Street last year to honor the Japanese-American astronaut killed in the 1986 explosion of the space shuttle Challenger. (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)/*