Named after the river running through Brixton, the area of London where its creator Dalton Maag is based, Effra draws inspiration from one of the earliest commercial sans-serif typefaces, Caslon Junior. Armitage also benefits from six different weights, each with italics, making it a pretty hardworking typeface for a range of creative applications. Varela Round is a better fit. Much of the basic form is inspired by Gotham, and Nexa is great for branding projects. But Kiona emphasises the diagonal in its distinct K, and R. Kiona light, bold, and semibold are all premium fonts. Also check out the free fonts we’ve posted before – Free Font Downloads The font is nearly identical to Gotham which is used in posters and designers everywhere, the font is actually unavoidable now. While not quite as extensive a family as Gotham, Proxima Nova is nonetheless available in seven weights (thin, light, regular, semi-bold, bold, extra-bold and black), with matching italics, small caps and condensed and extra-condensed widths. Museo Sans is the sans-serif companion to the quirky Museo typeface. Museo Sans 500 can be downloaded for free for commercial and non-commercial work. This page. Nexa Light, and Nexa Bold, are both available to download for free. Nexa Light, and Nexa Bold, are both available to download for free. Effra is a highly flexible family of fonts that unusually includes support for Arabic script, if you’re designing for an international client Effra is a prudent choice. Well known for his creative marketing strategies, Arnhem-based type designer Jos Buivenga has made two fonts in the Museo Sans typeface available for free through his exljbris foundry, while the remaining eight are paid-for. It was inspired by local architectural signage just as Gotham was. For a totally free Gotham alternative, Julieta Ulanovsky’s Montserrat is available on … MS Gothic is a Japanese font features plain strokes similar to sans serif designs, and … It features an extremely diverse character set. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. You can see Montserrat in the middle. Submit and view feedback for. Helvetica rounded Lt 2. Perhaps the neatest substitution for Gotham is Mark Simonson’s Proxima Nova, released five years after the H&FJ classic in 2005. In fact it’s becoming almost as ubiquitous as Gotham, and is used by over 25,000 websites including Buzzfeed, Mashable and Wired. They are a little more expressive than some of the typefaces in this list, notably the lowercase g and the uppercase J and Q. We searched the web and discovered the most closest Gotham ultra similar fonts and these fonts are completely free for personal use. Kiona regular is free to download. When creating designs that are casual and cheerful, rounded font becomes one of the preferable font styles for the eye-catchy title and/or the body text. With both geometric and realist sans serif characteristics, Neuzeit S is based on Neuzeit Grotesk, a more purely geometric sans serif designed by Wilhelm Pischner in 1928 – and has been used by Fox News for some of its on-screen graphics. BA1 1UA. You can use these fonts for commercial projects. The next time you start Word, you'll see the fonts you added in the Font list. Am I able to find those fonts or must I settle for a similar font? We also provide some of the best font pairings to use in your next design, as well templates you can play around with using the font pairings mentioned. Because a stylish font like Gotham web font can change the design of your graphic. As a highly legible geometric sans serif, Museo Sans makes a credible, and affordable, alternative to Gotham for display and text use, with each weight coming in an italic variant. But picking great fonts can seem like an impossible dark art for most people. There is also a nice free one at the end of the list. Source(s): free font similar gotham font: Mathieu Desjardins’ Pier Sans is a free font with 10 styles. The following list of fonts similar to Gotham may entice you to try these out for yourselves. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, The sheer volume of work involved in designing a complete typeface family means that when typefaces are a labor of love, they normally focus on a few key weights or styles. Released through H&FJ (now Hoefler & Co.) in 2000, it got a particular boost as the typeface of choice for Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, not to mention gracing countless movie posters, corporate identities and more. Gotham is understandably American, considering its roots in the architectural identity of New York, but the popularity of its simple modernism extends far beyond America shores. The quintessentially American feeling in the design has resulted in the typeface’s use in countless branding projects—Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, and Saturday Night Live, as well as many other household names have adopted Gotham. If you think we missed any similar font of Gotham ultra then you can share the font with us. futura. See Also. Of course, being free you have to sacrifice the considerable versatility. Fonts Similar to Helvetica. There are popular premium rounded fonts out there like VAG Rounded , Gotham Rounded and even Helvetica Rounded which you might have seen them in various print and digital designs.