I’m guessing there’s something wrong with the update it made our controllers die. Go slow and gentle if you are disassembling your controller for the first time. USB cables can be delicate so replacing a USB cable is an easy way to troubleshoot your controller not charging. It is really cheap and make sure you get the proper generation according to your controller. All you need is little bit of patience and some tools. Funnily enough I just shook the controller hard too now it's working fine. to fix your controller buy the ps4 charging dock which charges from the bottom because the usb port may be overused and no longer can great a positive charge. The controller didn't turn it on neither did pressing the power button. 3. We turned everything off and then booted the console up again using the PS button on the duelshock 4 controller. If it … Turn on the console. When the blue light starts flashing on the console, press the PS button on the controller. Vege17 3 years ago #1. Shoot me a message on Instagram if you are stuck somewhere along the way at @rahimryan, My ps button is not responsive in the test tab. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'thegamingman_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_1',621,'0','0']));If you have a controller with an Orange light that turns off and on, I will explain how to fix that, to know what do the various colors on the PS4 controller and what colour should the PS4 controller be whilst charging please read on. Until I went into my PS settings and went to bluetooth devices. After that, plug in the USB cable (the controller to the console), then turn the PS4 on. Another option is to try connecting it to another device, then back to the ps4. Now, follow the below steps -. Right click on the dual shock controller and select 'Game Controller Setting'. Tried that. While playing RE7 my controller light turns orange and does not turn off. However, if you do have the blinking SOS light, this means the conductive ribbon is damaged. Or could I replace parts? If your PS4 controller is flashing yellow and doesn’t work, please see my post here on how to fix this issue. @dhdjkskzjd. Go to control panel, and click devices and printers. But I think if you hold down the PS-button, you'll see the controllers connected and how much battery is left. An unblinking yellow light is when the PS4 is in rest mode or turned off, and the controller is charging, a blinking yellow light means the controller was just plugged in to charge. This is the site where I will share everything I've learned through the years. trileminh88. Posted by 2 years ago. Is it a part that's malfunctioning? If I connect it to my ps4 with any usb cable it slowly blinks yellow, but no reaction to the PS button (it won't even connect), and if I connect it to any external charger it just blink once (yellow still) and then nothing, but I'm not even sure it is actually charging since it won't turn on with the PS button at all. Restart the PS4 controller. 1. Like UniCat, my controller now works again! You should buy 2 controllers and use one while the other is charging. Hold the PS-button and Share-button simultanously for some seconds while the PS4 is turned on. DS4 blinks orange once and stops charging. How about making an online living creating content that your passionate about, sounds good right? 3 of my controllers would turn on,wouldnt charge or nothing but out of nowhere it worked with the ps4 charging dock. Select properties. What's the diagnosis and what parts do I buy from you to fix it? Usually it would light up afterword but I'm at a loss from here. Use a small, pointy object such as an unfolded paper-clip (or something similar) to push the button. 4.6 out of 5 stars 88,540. The Internet + Booze = A Match Made In Heaven.