The only downside to the Military was that many viewed it as too large of a knife. Its three-inch CPM-S30V was a great size for EDC, the blade offered great performance, and it allowed for a good price. As always the blade was super sharp. So if you take all of these factors into consideration, the best knife is? The Bugout wasn’t the first ultralight knife for Benchmade. It is also only 0.46 inches thick and has a deep carry pocket clip allowing for a knife that rides low in the pocket and doesn’t feel too bulky. The Bugout barely edges out the Para 3 Lightweight in terms of thickness coming in at only 0.42 inches thick and it also comes with a deep carry clip that allows it to sit nice and low in the pocket. Its blade is just a smidge under three inches and its handle is just a little over four and one quarter inches making it comfortable for people with smaller or somewhat larger hands. The Para 3 Lightweight takes the concept of the original Para 3 to a whole new level. When the original Spyderco Military debuted in 1997, it quickly rose to become a very popular and recognized model for collectors and users alike. Spyderco para 3 Lightweight Signature Folding Knife with 2.58" Stainless Steel Blade and Durable FRN Handle - PlainEdge Grind - C223PBK 4.7 out of 5 stars 75 Spyderco Manix 2 Lightweight Signature Folding Knife with 3.37" CTS BD1 Steel Blade and Translucent Blue FRCP Handle - PlainEdge - … July 22, 2019, 58 comments In contrast, the Sage 5 LW retains all of those features from the standard version. I can say I still prefer the ergonomics of the Sage 5 (original) over the Para 3 Lightweight however in all honesty the Sage is a safe queen and the Para is a user so I may be talking out of my @_$. The Para 3 Lightweight is another member of a proud Spyderco family that began with the introduction of the original Military model in 1996. Because of this, Sal and his team sat back down and went to the drawing board to try and come up with a smaller version of the Military. Jim I let my dad handle it a couple weekends ago and his comment was that it was “very lightweight.” You can always count on BladeRevi… Decided to try the Para 3 Lightweight. After all, it was following up on one of the most popular and timeless knife designs ever, the Para Military 2. The Sage 5 LW is 75% the price of the standard Sage 5. Various edge testing performed by different people throughout the knife community has verified these claims and begs the question whether or not Spyderco might begin to use this more frequently for new models or possibly even as a new steel in a new generation of a knife such as the Manix 2 Lightweight. It’s blade is slightly longer coming in at just shy of three and one quarter inches but its handle is slightly shorter coming in at just under four and one quarter inches. Sage 5 Lightweight model sports black FRN scales and a satin finished CPM-S30V steel blade. The 530 was light, thin, and priced well, but it lacked in ergonomics and its blade shape was one that wasn’t necessarily built to do much more than open packages. Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight Vs. Benchmade Bugout: Battle of the Ultralight Heavyweights. The Bugout weighs in at an unbelievably light 1.84 Ounces (52 grams) making it a fair amount lighter than the Para 3 LW. A friend of mine is looking to buy a small lightweight folder for hiking. With all of this being said, Spyderco isn’t the lone dog in this and faces some stiff competition from Benchmade. It only weighs in at a very comfortable 2.4 Ounces (68 grams) which makes it just heavy enough to know that is still in your pocket, but not so heavy that you feel weighed down by it. The handle is made from textured injection-molded FRN and is set for ambidextrous tip-up carry. Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight Signature Folding Knife with 2.92" Stainless Steel Blade and Durable FRN Handle - PlainEdge Grind - C223PBK 4.7 out of 5 stars 246 $98.00 $ 98 . Price – Price is generally a very important factor for many knife enthusiasts and really anybody so Spyderco wanted to price the Para 3 LW as economically as possible at only $91 to make it more attainable for people that might not to buy as expensive of a knife or are on a tighter budget. This is a Sal Glesser design. Description . Tags: Benchmade Benchmade Bugout Spyderco Spyderco Para 3 . All blog comments are checked prior to publishing. Re: Sage 5 Lightweight. Some people might find the Bugout to still be a better deal since it is slightly lighter and thinner and Benchmade’ s LifeSharp warranty would allow for things like screws and pocket clips to be shipped out free of charge. Blade Steel – While the typical Para 3 and the rest of the Paramilitary come in Crucible’s CPM-S30V steel, the Para 3 LW comes in Carpenter’s CTS® BD1N steel, a nitrogen-enriched high-carbon chromium steel that offers a superior balance of hardness, edge retention, and corrosion resistance. At the time of this being written, the Bugout has excellent aftermarket support for various scales from companies such as Flytanium, RockScale Design, and Rogue Bladeworks making it a very attractive option for people wanting to truly make their knives their own. Compared to the standard Para 3, the Para 3 LW uses a cheaper blade steel*, the Para 3 LW has a single liner vs dual liners, and the Para 3 LW replaces the metal lanyard tube and standoff with plastic components. The new Benchmade Bug Out has peaked his interest. Why the Gerber Fastball Will Forever Change Gerber and the Way the Knife Industry Looks at Them The Sage 5 Lightweight carries this forward with the innovative, modern Compression Lock mechanism and lightweight FRN handle scales. Spyderco never disappoints. For a few more bucks I’d get a Sage 5. David Andersen does a fast yet in-depth comparison of these two ultralight heavyweights. Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight Signature Knife with 2.92" Black Stainless Steel Blade and Durable FRN Handle - PlainEdge - C223PBBK 4.7 out of 5 stars 183 $112.00 $ 112 . The award-winning Para 3 Lightweight is rapidly redefining the state-of-the-art in ultralight cutting tools. Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight 3″ Black CTS-BD1N PlainEdge Blade FRN Handle C223PBBK $ 112.00 Add to cart; Spyderco Sage 5 Lightweight Folding Knife 3″ Plain Edge Blade Black FRN C123PBK $ 122.50 Add to cart; Spyderco Byrd Cara Cara 2 Wave Folder 3.75 in Plain Blade FRN Handle BY03PBK2W $ 35.00 Add to cart For those that may not know, Sal is the founder of Spyderco. As the original was a smaller, lighter version of the popular Paramilitary 2, this model is even lighter. They are essentially the same knife, besides the size of the thumb ramp and depending who you talk to...S30V being a better steel. This supercharged version of the popular Para 3 Lightweight enhances all the proven features of the standard version with its high-performance CPM SPY27 blade. The weight difference is insignificant. It did not put me in good stead in the IKC. The standard Blue version of the Bugout can be had for $119, close to $30 more than that of the Spyderco Para 3 LW. Posted on Jul 22, 2019 by Dylan Munroe. August 16, 2019, The GiantMouse Knives ACE Biblio is an Absolutely Amazing Knife for the Money Sage Series of knives has been a very popular model line for Spyderco. The Spyderco Para 3 offers the same great ergonomics of the Paramilitary 2 in a smaller, more urban friendly package. Benchmade released the 535 Bugout in the latter half of 2017. All considering, Benchmade managed to price the Bugout at a very reasonable price. Quantity . Spyderco. With the Para 3 Lightweight, Spyderco drops some weight (and the price) to elevate the knife even higher. Overall, both the Bugout and Para 3 LW are excellent options and I couldn’t fault you for getting either one or both of them. With all of this being said, Spyderco isn’t the lone dog in this and faces some stiff competition from Benchmade. I'll be interested to hear, as people gain more experience using the Lwt version for all kinds of chores, how it performs/compares. Both the Bugout and Para 3 LW have a similarly heat treated blade and will likely perform extremely similarly so this one is really a tossup. The Para 3 Lightweight has an overall length of 7.27″, a 3.00″ blade, weighs 2.4 ounces, and is made in Golden Colorado, in the United States of America, here on planet Earth. At SHOT Show 2017 when Spyderco debuted the Spyderco Para 3, they almost immediately knew it would be a massive hit. One other advantage that the Bugout has over the Para 3 Lightweight at the time this is being written is that the Bugout can be had in both a Blue handle and Ranger Green handle direct from Benchmade. The knife feels exceedingly light for its size. SP223PBBK: C223PBBK Para 3 Lightweight Black Blade Spyderco. I found this knife very difficult to center the blade and still … This remarkable composition, enhanced by the amplifying effects of cobalt and the state-of-the-art Crucible Particle Metallurgy process, is produced exclusively for Spyderco. Technical Specs . I once more speculate that Spyderco will offer some different options from the factory and many companies will offer exclusive to them versions, but at this time, the Para 3 Lightweight is only available with a black handle and satin blade. Thanks for reading and check back next Monday for a new post! Spyderco Sage 5 Lightweight Comparison and Overview - YouTube Spyderco’s best-selling Para 3 folding knife distilled all the key qualities of their time-tested Para Military™ 2 model into an ultra-compact, carry-friendly format. Postby Wartstein » Fri May 03, 2019 10:05 pm. I would love to see an LC200N version of the Para 3. © 2019 St. Nick's Knives LLC - All Rights Reserved. Spyderco Para3 Lightweight Review. So little time. Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight <--- Get One Here! Finally in 2017, the Para 3 was finally born – a scaled down version of a scaled down version. Para™ 3 Lightweight C223BK $140.00 MSRP. Re: Sage 5 Lightweight. Some people have said they feel the Bugout is almost too light in the hand and or pocket and that it doesn’t feel substantial enough to tackle more difficult tasks. This version comes with black FRN handles and a CPM-S30V blade.SpecificationsOverall Length 7.19\"Blade Length 3.00\"Sharpened Length 2.66\"Blade Thickness 0.118\"Blade Material CPM-S30VBlade Type StainlessLock Compression LockClosed Length 4.19\"Handle Thickness 0.40\"Handle Material PolymerLiner(s) Stainless SteelClip Stainless SteelWeight 2.80 oz (105.84 g)Country of Manufacture TaiwanMore from Spyderco can be found here: us here:, #Spyderco, #Sage5Lightweight, Use this drop-down menu to narrow down your search. Its always hard to buck popular opinion and my original Para3 was doing just that—giving Spyderco’s most popular new release in years a less than glowing review. In 2019, Spyderco began a push to make more lightweight models of their already very popular and well known knives such as the Spyderco Police, Sage 5, and the Para 3. 00 ($43.75/oz) The problem with the Para 3 are the shortcuts Spyderco made in the design. The Grivory handles on the Bugout are even slimmer – 0.4 inches compared to 0.45 on the Spyderco – which means that it’ll live in your pocket even easier. Spyderco C223PBK Para 3 Lightweight, 2.92" CTS BD1N Plain Blade, Black FRN Handle Spyderco C223PBK Para 3 Lightweight, 2.92" CTS BD1N Plain Blade, Black FRN Handle The best-selling Para 3 revolutionized the concept of the everyday-carry cutting tool by distilling Spyderco’s time-tested Para Military™ 2 into an ultra-compact package. The Bugout comes in the ever popular CPM-S30V steel, a martensitic stainless steel designed to offer the best combination of toughness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The lightweight scales with the rounded edges make carrying and opening blade a … While the PM2 is one of the bestselling knives of the modern era, many people started to see it as being too large of a knife for Everyday Carry (EDC). 00 ($38.28/oz) The Bugout also fits the bill for many people as far as a perfect sized knife goes. Highlighting our own patented Compression Lock®, the Sage 5 is so popular we decided to take it a step further by offering it in a lightweight format. It does have a diamond checker… So now that you know a little about the history of how Spyderco designed the Para 3 and where it can trace its roots back to as well as some about Benchmade and the background of the Bugout, here are some important factors to consider between the two. Both are awesome though, I honestly think they are extremely similar. It is extremely light, comfortable in both the hand and pocket, and is great for EDC as well as a minimalist outdoor knife. They marketed it as “the modern outdoor adventurer, incorporating the lightest, best performing materials in an extremely slim yet ergonomic package.” The Bugout is 100% this. The G10 Para 3 is my favorite approximately 3" -bladed Spyderco knife. The Para 3 LW was the real highlight of the first reveal because it is a lower cost version of the Para 3 with some fixes to the design. I suggested he looked at the Spyderco Para 3 because I think the blade geometry will be more conducive to LW knife related tasks on the trail. Spyderco’s popular Sage Series is a distinctive family of folding knives that uses a single design theme to showcase influential lock designs and honor their inventors. But I argue the Sage Lightweight is even more appealing. H. Clay Aalders. It is lightweight, thin, comfortable, and offers a great blade steel. Battle of the Lightweights: Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight vs Benchmade Bugout One of the most iconic folding knives ever created, the Military later inspired the first-generation Paramilitary design in 2004 and the more refined Paramilitary 2 in 2010. What more could you really ask for. Benchmade - Mini Bugout - AXIS Lock - White Grivory - 533BK-1, Battle of the Lightweights: Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight vs Benchmade Bugout, Why the Gerber Fastball Will Forever Change Gerber and the Way the Knife Industry Looks at Them, The GiantMouse Knives ACE Biblio is an Absolutely Amazing Knife for the Money. The Para 3 set out to be a better option for EDC, by offering a smaller, but nonetheless useful blade in an easier-to-carry package. Size – The Para 3 LW fits the bill for many people as a perfect sized knife. For tactical end users who prefer subdued blade finishes, this revolutionary design is now also available with a stealthy black Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating. Postby TkoK83Spy » Thu Nov 28, 2019 12:35 am. Spyderco's popular Sage Series is getting an EDC makeover with a 13% lighter Sage 5 Lightweight Edition. The same can more or less be said for the Native 5 LW considering it is $6.50 more and the only real advantage, a marginal one based on various tests done, is the S30V steel blade compared to the CTS® BD1N. In 2004, Spyderco fulfilled the wishes of many and debuted the Spyderco Paramilitary and it was an instant hit. I speculate that we will slowly begin to see these companies and more follow suit and begin to make different handle scales for the Para 3 Lightweight if they haven’t began to do so already. 0. Really the best knife between these two is going to be your decision. That may be the case, and I get that, but from Spyderco alone the Sage series and the Native 5 both do a better job of being a 3” (or sub 3”) daily carry knife than the Para 3 does, and in some cases even for less money with better steel – like the Native 5 Lightweight. The Para 3 Lightweight is formed with Spyderco’s famous bi-directional FRN texturing. In 2019, Spyderco began a push to make more lightweight models of their already very popular and well known knives such as the Spyderco Police, Sage 5, and the Para 3. Weight – Per the name, the Para 3 Lightweight (LW) is well – lightweight. So many knives. I've owned quite a few of them. To many, the Bugout is as good as they come for lightweight everyday knives, but the new Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight and some of Spyderco’s other models are vying for position of being the best one on the market. For example there is only one washer and half a compression lock. / Personally, I believe the Para 3 LW is an absolute bargain for what you are getting. The Bugout built upon the 530 and provided a much more ergonomic grip as well as usable blade shape while still maintaining a thin a light profile. June 07, 2019 by Anthony Sculimbrene. Both feature slim synthetic handles. Comparing pics of the two knives, I personally would take the Sage 5 LW over the Para 3 LW any day of the week I guess: Virtually same blade and edge length, still a bit shorter when closed, probably a tiny bit shorter handle, but still offering seemingly a lot more usable grip area behind the choil. The price difference between this and the Para 3 version is a bit puzzling. Maintaining the same modern blade steel the FRN Sage 5 delivers solid EDC performance. When you look at other similar lightweight offerings from Spyderco such as the Delica 4 or Native 5 in FRN, the Delica is only $13 cheaper and you lose a lot in comparison such as a better blade steel, the compression lock, and more ergonomic and comfortable handle. This pattern provides plenty of traction in the wet or when doing sweaty work and it helps to keep your hands secure on the knife. Why the Gerber Fastball Will Forever Change Gerber and the Way the Knife Industry Looks at Them Quick deployment with thumb hole. In 2010, the current generation of the Paramilitary 2 (PM2) debuted and brought some upgraded features such as a larger lanyard hole and the ability to move the pocket clip to four different positions. August 02, 2019, Battle of the Lightweights: Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight vs Benchmade Bugout Retaining the intuitive and strong compression lock, the Para 3 is a reliable EDC tool that will offer all day comfort at just 3.4 ounces. Years before the Bugout came out, Benchmade had the 530 Pardue. The GiantMouse Knives ACE Biblio is an Absolutely Amazing Knife for the Money