7 Events That Led to the American Revolution. The man who said "If this be treason, make the most of it," was: Patrick Henry. Edit. In October of 1765, all but four of the 13 colonies sent representatives to the Stamp Act Congress which took place in New York City. Related Questions in History. 1 Answers. The Stamp Act was passed by the British government. LOGIN TO POST ANSWER. Played 26 times. With the economic boycott, tarring and feathering, and the British Merchants pressuring Parliament, The Stamp Act was abolished in March of 1766, but that same day Parliament passed another bill that established that Parliament had the right to legislate over the colonies without colonial representation. History. Enacted in November 1765, the controversial act forced colonists to buy a British stamp for every official document they obtained. Labron 6 July, 00:14 0 The British Parliament responded to the colonists' opposition to the Stamp Act and boycott of English goods by repealing the Stamp Act, but this did not end the tension. After the Stamp Act was passed by Parliament, colonists began to protest against it because they did not like it. The royal stamps were also required in land deals and even playing cards. President Nixon approved the mission–formally designated Operation Breakfast–at a meeting of the National ...read more, A century ago, even before the phonograph had become a common household item, there was already a burgeoning music industry in the United States based not on the sale of recorded musical performances, but on the sale of sheet music. ( Log Out /  A group of women started making their own goods and they gain the respect of the men in the colonies, they were known as The Daughters of Liberty. "use strict";(function(){var insertion=document.getElementById("citation-access-date");var date=new Date().toLocaleDateString(undefined,{month:"long",day:"numeric",year:"numeric"});insertion.parentElement.replaceChild(document.createTextNode(date),insertion)})(); FACT CHECK: We strive for accuracy and fairness. History. Boycott: While the colonists waited for an answer to their petition to Parliament, requesting the Stamp Act be repealed, colonial merchants encouraged people to boycott (refuse to buy) English goods. it is called the stamp act due to the post master stamping the object before it was sold. The Stamp Act of 1765 (short title: Duties in American Colonies Act 1765; 5 George III, c. 12) was an Act of the Parliament of Great Britain which imposed a direct tax on the British colonies in America and required that many printed materials in the colonies be produced on stamped paper produced in London, carrying an embossed revenue stamp. It passed the Declaratory Act. 0 1 2. After the Stamp Act was passed by Parliament, colonists began to protest against it because they did not like it. Known as the “Tri-State Tornado,” the deadly twister began its northeast track ...read more, On March 18, 1962, France and the leaders of the Front de Liberation Nationale (FLN) sign a peace agreement to end the seven-year Algerian War, signaling the end of 130 years of colonial French rule in Algeria. It was in the medium of printed paper, and not ...read more, Nearly 300 students in Texas are killed by an explosion of natural gas at their school on March 18, 1937. Parliament had passed the Sugar Act and Currency Act the previous year. If colonists didn’t pay for the tax, violators faced severe penalties. British Merchants were really worried about what was happening in America, their products were not being bought by the colonies so they pressured Parliament to abolish the Stamp Act. The colonists found ever more vigorous and violent ways to protest the Act. The Stamp Act of 1712 (cited either as 10 Ann. Because tax was collected at ports though, it was easily circumvented. Because the United States supported the attack, it resulted in even deeper tensions and ...read more, On this day in 1933, American automaker Studebaker, then heavily in debt, goes into receivership. Every newspaper, pamplet, legal document etc. Tarring and feathering is an example. LOGIN TO VIEW ANSWER. What is the name of the highest pointin wisconsin. This is Taxation Without Representation. Which document was issued in 1795. Some colonial leaders opposed the tax and they decided to make an economic boycott which intensified more the colonial protests against British taxes. pass taxes to pay the salaries of those enforcing the law. The congress was attended by twenty-seven delegates from nine states, whose mandate was to petition the king and Parliament for repeal of the tax without deepening the crisis. Asked by Wiki User. The colonies were plagued by a shortage of legal British currency. The discovery of gold in California in 1849 prompted a huge spike in the demand for cross-country ...read more, U.S. B-52 bombers are diverted from their targets in South Vietnam to attack suspected communist base camps and supply areas in Cambodia for the first time in the war.