If you are interested in purchasing or selling a make not listed, please e-mail with details. I am now in posession of an instrument which I will undoubtedly have my entire life. Will need tuning but overall, it's in good condition. Upright pianos come in all shapes and sizes, colors and brands. I am also pleased with the stool. Our offerings include second hand Yamaha, Kawai, and other brands. 8. If you use thick music books, then a couple of book holders can be fitted. In my opinion this is as much as anyone would need to spend for a used upright piano. Show details. T here is a broad variety in Bechstein upright pianos, so it’s hard to generalise on prices. I am over the moon with the instrument. Firstly, we are very happy with the piano itself. We have a small house and they took the utmost care to not damage our house or the piano, they were friendly and timely. We love the Bosendorfer Imperial Grand piano. Every piano comes with a Matching Benchand 1 Free In-Home Tuning.Additionally, we back each and every piano that we sell with a 5-Year Parts & Labor Warranty, and our 100% Lifetime Trade-Up Program. used upright pianos at Seattle Piano Company. Arizona Piano is the Largest Freestanding Piano Gallery Store in the Southwest. We’ve listed uprights which tuners and performers regard as the best, taking into account tone, touch and appearance. I will be recommending Roberts to all I come across! Follow the link for our rentals page. We have a massive variation of used Yamaha pianos for sale. A small modern Zender has only 58.5cm!). The condition of the plastic material used to make e.g. W. Hoffman By C. Bechstein 1997 49″ Upright Piano . Un-restored these pianos are found for £300-£800. $5,900 USD . It gives you a very high level of versatility and it is also ideal for those who want to play different styles of music without compromise. We received useful advice in the show room, the piano was delivered very quickly, in time for Christmas, and the delivery men who came on a day pouring with rain, were efficient and kept the place very tidy. : Incase anyone’s having any doubts about international shipping, you should have seen the crate they built for me. Whether it is to be a new Bösendorfer piano or a used piano. In my 37 years in the piano business, the mistake I've seen buyers make most often when looking for a beginner piano is purchasing an old upright piano. Next, we recommend to consider the condition of the instrument, which will be the optimal choice. Older knights (pre 1950) are more varied in quality and often very worn. Upright pianos are commonplace for use in the home as they occupies much less space and produce ample volume for the living room. The strings are mounted vertically, as opposed to the grand. It is just about a year since we bought our Wendle and Lung 178 grand piano and we can say that every aspect of service from Roberts has been very good. Post 1989 Knight pianos changed their original manufacturing design and as a result are inferior in tone. Bechstein 8′s are normally found in black, rosewood or mahogany and have a rich tone but the action can be difficult to set up. This section lists the average resale prices for used pianos. Yamaha C-3 Used Grand Piano; Yamaha U-1 Pre-Owned Upright Piano; Yamaha U-1 Pre Owned Upright Piano; Vogel Pianos. Leaving a testimonial is not something that I would usually do however after the service I received I felt I should give the team at Roberts Pianos a big thank you, I took a gamble buying a piano without seeing or playing it and to be quite honest did not know what to expect on delivery, well the piano was delivered very promptly and was in first class condition, well regulated and serviced. Other common good makes of English and European pianos include Chappell, Fazer, Hopkinson, Kemble (varied), Rippen, Rogers and Broadwood (varied). While many people believe that upright pianos are naturally inferior to grand pianos, the truth is that the sound produced by any piano—grand or upright—is a result of the quality of materials, design of the instrument, and capability of the piano maker. The upright piano, also known as the vertical piano, appeared toward the later part of the 19th century. Model 7’s are excellent but rare. Uprights are widely used as rehearsal and practice instruments in churches, community centers, schools and universities. The important word here is average. I highly recommend Roberts Pianos to all who appreciate good ‘old-fashioned’ service where the needs of the customer come first. Restored, these pianos sell for around £2000 to £5,000 (2017). The tables below shows the best common uprights available in the UK, placed in order of their quality. Kawai BS-2A Upright Piano. Kaps are well made pianos, often decorative Art Nouveau and Art Deco with strong rich tone. Model V (5) and IV also very common and often have an attractive inlay, but models I to V suffer a lot from loose tuning pins and will therefore need repining and often a new pin-block. I only met lovely helpful gentleman including those that delivered it. And the piano itself, I couldn’t be more impressed. Piano Rentals. Don’t do it. Ad posted 19 hours ago Save this ad 8 images; The purpose of this article is to comment on and clarify the information in Piano Buyer on determining the value of a used piano. Our “common makes” pages have a list of all the common makes available and a rating of each make. Older uprights usually have them, but modern ones and grands usually don’t. Show details. All staff we have met have been amazing, but, it would be hard to come across another Marcus. A better grade of materials used – Japan spec models are made of quality built-up materials, compared to some new entry level uprights and grand pianos. Marcus was happy to spend time keeping us up-to-date and showing us the work in progress when we visited. Directory of Used Piano Prices. All Upright Pianos. We were very impressed with the level of commitment and professionalism shown by Marcus Roberts and his team – they are clearly perfectionists, and they were determined to restore our piano to the highest standards. Marcus subsequently carried out a first complimentary tuning and regulation, and I am now in possession of a marvelous instrument that I will enjoy playing for the rest of my life. It is that kind of instrument – one that you hope to pass on. I recently purchased a fine Bechstein Model C semi-concert grand from Roberts Pianos. Upright Pianos. Show details. Find your upright piano online with PianoMart. Uprights are widely used as rehearsal and practice instruments in churches, community … Find the great deal on Stilwell Pianos for used upright pianos in Arizona. Yamaha Upright Piano Owner & Piano Teacher – Zhulinzi Wen Maggie helped me to find a perfect piano on my first visit, she is very knowledgeable on piano industry and piano market. Fair Market Value. Used upright piano - what should you know about the mechanism and keyboard of the instrument? About Us Graves Piano & Organ is one of the world's largest piano, keyboard, and organ stores. Steinway Upright Piano - Sold by Lindeblad Piano . It is worth visiting just to see how the world of pianos works! Weber Oak Upright Piano $ 1,799.00 Read more. I would thoroughly recommend Roberts Pianos. Get Affordable Used Piano Price With The Largest Selection in Malaysia.